DWTS Week 3 Press Review Roundup: “The Hills are Alive”-or are they?

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This is a serious competition Guys. Are we having fun yet? 😀 In doing a search of all the reviews in the press on last night’s competition, it should be of no surprise Audrina and Tony are definitely dominating the news waves. Just when many ‘Dances with the Stars’ fans thought Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough were the couple to dominate this year (and they still may?), in comes Audrina Patridge with eyes that daze  who “changed the tale” with her dance partner Tony Dovolani. They moved the judges and most of the audience with a graceful, elegant, moving, and romantic piece dedicated to all of the soldiers who we’ve lost in the war and their families. But, are major press sources convinced Audrina and Tony are at the top of the boards to stay?
EW.com writer Annie Barrett writes;
“Audrina earned the first 9 of the season — two of ’em! I’d have given them two 10s merely based on the way Audrina’s sequined corset made the war portrait of Soldier Tony twinkle. Props to the props department for Story Week! Tony taught Audrina to dance with her heart during their waltz, but I wasn’t quite as convinced as the judges of her sudden ability to emote. Their routine was technically beautiful, but I thought Audrina’s finely whipped hair told a more vivid story than her face. “

This is just a snippet. You can read more of Miss Barrett’s thoughts on all the dances and the night night HERE. She doesn’t miss a beat. 😉  

The Los Angeles Times called the night a “Glittery Rectagon”. Here’s a snippet from their review;

“This third week of competition marked Story Night in the glittery rectagon, the first of what seems to be a series of theme nights on “Dancing With the Stars.” Props were not just allowed: They were encouraged! And the stars and their pro partners danced out everything from love in a coffee shop to gay pride to an ode to an Alpine flower from the “Sound of Music.” The top story, however, was not the time machine that took the Situation to a place where mesh and pleather joined forces to make an outfit. No, it was the waltz that propelled “Hills” show pony Audrina Patridge and partner Tony Dovolani to the top of the ballroom pack. (Oh Tony, how far you’ve come since “Paparazzi.”) The story was about a wife dreaming of being reunited with her Marine husband, and the props included a vanity table, a military cap and the Smoke Monster from “Lost.” The waltz was undeniably well danced, and lilted in all the right places, though I didn’t see as much emotion from the dancers as the judges did: Len thought it was “the most touching dance of the night.” Carrie Ann said it was “beautifully acted” and “beautifully danced,” though Audrina should point her toes a bit more. Bruno said it was “compelling and touching storytelling … every move was connected to an emotional journey.” Audrina dedicated the dance to the armed troops. And Tony waxed his legs.”

You can read more on the night and on all of the dances from the LA Times HERE.

With surprise, E Online says Audrina “Is a Beautiful dancer and…Actor” and has shown “more nerve than she did all six seasons on The Hills”;

“Instead, Audrina Patridge was the belle of the ballroom Monday, with her waltz, dedicated to our fallen troops and their families, being called “the most touching dance of the night” and earning 9’s from Bruno Tonioli and the ever-discerning Len Goodman. It may have something to do with the fact that Tony Dovolani is more man than Brody Jenner -and-whoever all put together, but, in our opinion, the reality-TV star has shown more verve in three weeks on this show than she did in six seasons of The Hills.”

Read more of E On-line’s review of the night HERE.
 The New York Daily definitely has some fun reviewing the night. But, convinced of Audrina’s and Tony’s dance they are not;
“Audrina Patridge is having a hard time tapping ino her emotions, which is ironic considering how easily she acted them out on “The Hills.” Snap! She and Tony Dovolani proceed to do possibly the most cheesily set up dance this show has ever seen. The opening has Audrina staring at a framed photograph of her uniformed partner while smoke billows around her. We kid you not. In her silk nightdress, Audrina rises from the sofa and everyone cheers as Tony swings her around confusing us as to whether  it’s her or the outfit that’s doing all the work. But the audience falls for it and gives them a standing ovation.”
You can read more of this colorful review on all the dances and dancers HERE.

So, for the most part, this week’s dance belonged to Audrina and Tony according to the Press and the media alike. But, will the results show prevail out in the same way?  Time will soon tell. 🙂