Margaret Cho and Louis Talk More on their Samba Today

Heidi Note: Vogue wrote this before the results show aired and as a result it doesn’t doesn’t reflect real time in terms of what happened on the show.

Today Margaret wrote a new blog which you can read below. Also Louis was out trying to clean up and explain as well at his Twitter and his Facebook page this afternoon where he wrote:

“Last night our storyline was NOT explained at all.It was Margaret’s personal story of discrimination 4 being overweight many years ago.She ended up in the hospital 4 anorexia n almost killed herself.We used the lyrics of Copacabana.Now Lola is a show girl n celebrates her new found confidence n inner beauty.A celebration of ending ANY discrimination.”

 He continues on with;

The reason for the rainbow colors was simply to celebrate and demonstrate it doesn’t matter what race,color,size,sexuality,religion, or gender u r,we all have the right to express n be treated w dignity.After all, 7 billion people live on this planet, ALL under the same rainbow!Let’s celebrate that fact…..

And then again with;

Since i didn’t have any opportunity to say anything ‘live’ last night i wanna give a shoot out to all families who lost their kids who committed suicide due to bullying.Our hearts go out to all of u.It’s horrible what’s going on w bullying.All the bullying!That was supposed to b our message last night, but it became very one sided n labeled.That’s not who i am n don’t believe how a better world is created.

Louis, your heart was in the right place for this idea. It was heart felt and magnificent. But, America only got the dance “after” you explained in my opinion. Otherwise what most of us saw were only colorful costumes. But, I applaud you and Margaret for your efforts and moving message anyway this week and I hope it helps all the victims out there who suffer from ignorance and hatefulness in our society …especially those who are pushed over the edge. If anything be proud of this dance if the two of you go home tonight for all of those reasons.

Here is Margaret’s new blog;

The Samba
by Margaret Cho
I am proud of our performance on Dancing with the Stars. We danced our collective ass off, represented the community with a fabulous rainbow flag and got a really important message of pride and self esteem across in a very exuberant way. Watching the show back, I actually didn’t notice he mistakes that I made! Perhaps I had learned it wrong to begin with! That might be it. I am not as hard on myself and am enjoying the process more, relaxing into it. Maybe that isn’t the way to go, but I want to have fun and not take it so seriously. Trying to do everything, both dancing and touring is very tough, and I’m so tired beyond anything I have ever experienced before. I felt great when the night was through. My feeling is dancing is a wonderful thing, but if you have a moment where you can tell the world something, something so vitally important that it is bursting out of your heart, you have to. I wanted to call an end to the gay teen suicides. I wanted to reach out to their families, prevent it from ever happening again. We will never heal from this loss, but we can protect our children from now on, strengthening them with messages of pride, loving them as hard as we can, making sure they are strong and happy with themselves and can face anything. I made my moment in the spotlight all about that, and that’s the best dance of all.