Dancing with the Stars 11 – How Much Does Costuming Effect Votes?

Well, for those that don’t know me well, I am fashion freak. So, watch out for many blogs in the future on Dancing with the Stars and their amazing or sometimes “too gawdy” costuming. lol  As some of you may know, the show’s Emmy-winning costumer is Randall Christensen. Last week, The Stylist asks him how he got inspired to come up with Florence Henderson’a ball gown. He writes;

 “What a sophisticated, glamorous — and yet sexy — look for our Queen Mom. Our inspiration came from various silhouettes of some of Hollywood’s most famous and glamorous stars: Cyd Charisse and Audrey Hepburn. And when Florence struck that opening pose, slit skirt peeled open… Need I say more? She took my breath away!”

You can read more on how he was inspired with Audrina’s, The Situation, and Jennifer’s costumes for week two HERE.

Then this week, Sir Christensen is asked on how he came up with…you might have guessed it…. “Margaret Cho’s flamboyant gay pride rainbow dress”. He says;

“Sparkle was everywhere. We were still putting it on moments before we went live on the East Coast.”


The look’s intended message was tolerance and acceptance. “I hope everyone understood that being happy and being who you are are the two most important elements of a beautiful life,” says Christensen. “How fun to have Margaret embrace the joy of dancing and express it through her costumes.”

In my opinion, Margaret and Louis’s costuming was a little too much. Especially the yellow head dress. I think it set off the voters some since many fans of the show didn’t understand the storyline (remember a lot of people out there don’t have Twitter or Facebook. They are only voting for what they see on TV). In fact, many times, I’ve wondered how much votes are effected by bad costuming? Any thoughts on that?

You can read more on how Randall Christiansen was inspired HERE for week three. There is also some good reading on how he was inspired for the other dances and dancers.

With that all said, feel free to tell which costumes you liked the most this week and which you liked the least.