Yep, you heard right – we’ve decided to do a caption contest each week to tide you hungry, wonderful readers over while you wait for the next show to air 😀 Lord knows there are plenty of great pictures taken during each week’s show – and some of them practically beg for captions.  So why not show us your funny side and take a stab at it? 😉

The Rules/Guidelines:

1.) Each week’s caption contest picture will be posted around noon EST on Thursdays (I waited a bit longer today so I wouldn’t step on the toes of Vogue’s DWTS Blogs post ;-)), and will feature a picture from that week’s show that we feel is caption-worthy. 

2.) You will have until 10 PM EST the following Wednesday to submit your captions (via the comments section of the post) for consideration. 

3.) You can either caption the entire photo as a whole, or caption each person in the photo…we’ll show you some examples below. 

4.) You can get suggestive and innunedo-y WITHIN REASON (see the Cheesecake Awards for examples of what’s acceptable ;-)), but nothing outright vulgar, pornographic, or obscene.  Those will be swiftly deleted!

5.) The winner will be choosen by our esteemed panel of bloggers (myself, John, Heidi, Marianya, & Vogue), along with some help from the peanut gallery – aka you the readers.  Be sure to call our attention to the good ones in the comments section!

6.) The winner will be announced in the following week’s caption contest, and your prize will be recognition and admiration from your peers 😉 And maybe I’ll let you help me pick the next photo…who knows 😛

Ok, now that the rules are out of the way, here is this week’s caption contest picture:

**Photo courtesy of ABC/Adam Larkey.**

And to give you an idea of what you could do in the way of captions, here are some from us here at Pure DWTS…


“Not to be outdone by Tom’s display of yogic skill the previous week, Lacey set out to prove, once and for all, just who was the most flexible member of the DWTS cast.”


Tom: “My mic doesn’t work…”
Lacey: “Here use mine.” She lifts up her leg.
Tom:” Your mic is on your foot?”
Lacey: “No….”


Tom (side whispering to Lacy): “Lacey, I don’t want to say anything outloud. But, ewww, this foot has some sort of strange odor to it, doesn’t it?”
Kyle: “See Lacey, I tried to tell you!!”


Tom: This is so much better than my other job!
Lacey: Should I enjoy this as much as I am?
Kyle: I wonder what would happen if I grab her other leg…?

Hopefully we’ve given you an idea of what you could do in the way of captions…and maybe some inspiration as well 😉 Now, without further ado…the inaugural DWTS caption contest starts NOW!!! Best of luck, guys…CAPTION AWAY!!!