Dancing With The Stars 11, Week 3 – Blogger Alert 2

We have more blogging from our Pros today.  This time from Cheryl and Maks. Here’s just a couple of highlights. To read in more detail, be sure to read the source links afterwards.

Here is a snippet of Cheryl Burke’s blog. She mentions how Maks isn’t the only one who has “harsh” training;

You saw Carrie-Ann calling out Max on his “harsh” training style with Brandy this week. I think all of the pros on “Dancing with the Stars” are demanding in our own styles. We know what it takes to get results from our students and we know what motivates them and we learn what doesn’t–and what causes them to shut down.

As I mentioned, Rick and I really communicate with each other. I’m not sure that I’ve figured out yet just how hard I can push him, how many hours a day would be too many for him, but I know that he’d tell me if he couldn’t handle it.

And here she talks about her and Rick Fox’s dance next week and her furture plans as a dancer;

We’re working on the Argentine Tango this week. I’m really passionate about this dance, and I spent three weeks living and training in Buenos Aires with the cast of “Forever Tango” right before the start of this season of “Dancing with the Stars.” I’m also joining them on tour and performing with them when this season of DWTS is over. It’s such an honor and I’m really looking forward to performing with them in my home town of San Francisco.

I’m heading to Atlanta, and that is really going to throw a wrench into our training schedule as I’m not sure we’ll be able to manage more than a few hours while I’m away–but that just means we’re going to have to work harder than ever before to make sure we nail this dance!

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And here are some snippets from Maks’ blog today where he addresses Carrie Anne’s slap again (everytime he says, “What is she, my mother?” I am cracking up). Check out the mention about him being bullied as a dancer when he was growing up as well. Just a small glimpse that might explain why Maks is the way he is imo. If I was him, I’d be furious too is someone tried to make me look like an abuser or bully;

I just want to address the judges right off the bat. Carrie Ann had absolutely no right to call me over and try to spank me. What is she, my mother? Their job is to give constructive criticism to the celebrities. The show is not about me. I want everyone to understand that I am not trying to jump out and take the spotlight. I’m there as a mechanism that is used to get the celebrities better. That’s my job. I’m a teacher. I try to do my best every minute when I’m on the show. Whether they agree with my teaching style or not is completely irrelevant. Everybody fights. Everybody has arguments. There has never been a couple who has never fought. I’m no different.

Having said that, I really don’t understand why I’m being highlighted. There’s absolutely nothing that the judges can tell me that will ever change me as a person. Their opinions mean nothing when it has to do with what I am and what I should be. When they comment constructively on my partner’s dancing, I will address it and will work on those details. I have a 17-year coaching career, a franchise of studios and thousands of students from age 5 to 50 who can vouch for me as coach. I don’t understand why Brandy’s performance is not being commented on. Why highlight my teaching method? I was actually surprised that Len gave us an 8 because from what he said, it sounded like it was going to be a 6. I haven’t spoken to them and I don’t plan to because again the show is not about me. I didn’t sign up for their opinion. Their opinion is supposed to be about Brandy. At the end of the day, we dance together and we’re judged together, but the focus should not be on me. I don’t understand where this is coming from. It’s a very weird beginning of the season.

As for the package, I’m not OK with it. I’ve been bullied in my childhood for being a dancer. I’m the first person to say there should never be any physical violence or abuse of any kind. To portray me as a physically abusive person? Why would you do that to anyone? There’s a very thin line between “Maks the Bad Boy of Ballroom and “Maks being abusive.” I don’t need anybody’s approval. I don’t need the public’s approval on who I am. My parents know who I am. My friends, students and clientele knows who I am. Most of my students stay with me for years, and most, if not all, leave with a very positive experience, not just having learned how to dance, but having had a great time doing it. I promote positivity. I’m in the business of promoting something other than worrying about life and its problems. That package made me look like an idiot and an abuser, and I’m neither. That wasn’t a disciplinary smack. It’s an inside joke between us from Couples Retreat. It’s been on TV 17 times the past month, and the yoga instructor in it smacks everyone on the butt for encouragement, so that’s our joke. We’ve been smacking each other on the butt.

And here he talks about he and Brandy’s “Rumba” Monday night;

As for the rumba, everything’s going well. Brandy’s picking it up fast. I feel like, more and more, the pressure is on me to figure out a very clear way to explain things. That’s what I’ve been focused on personally — to be more detail-oriented teacher. Because Brandy’s a fast learner, that leaves us more time to figure out all the details and to make adjustments.

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