DWTS “Design a Dance”

Have you placed your votes for the new “Design a Dance” Competiton yet? If not, be sure to do so as ABC wants to try and get as “creative” as possible with it. The “Cha Cha” has already been decided upon for the dance. The song will be Billy Joel’s “It’s Still Rock And Roll For Me”. But, they still need your votes for the Male and Female Professional Dancers or who you’d like to see dance. I chose Maks and Lacey. Lacey isn’t my favorite female dancer. But, she’s been so creative this year with her and Kyle’s dances (and one pro dance) that I’m curious to see more. I picked Maks for his edginess-it factor he would add and for the compassion and romance.

You also can post on “The Concept” of the dance where Viewers submit a writeup of the dance concept, including props, wardrobe, and a description of the dance. They need to have the Concept submissions in by Tuesday, Oct. 12th. Be sure to go to ABC.com when you get a moment to vote and read more details. It’s fun.  Then return here and let us know which dancers you voted for and why. 😉 Polls on the dancers close Oct. 28th.

Heidi Note: Since Vogue told who she’s voting for, I will do the same. Derek and Cheryl all the way. Two Emmy nominated choreographers who have never lost a team dance when paired up?? Should be awesome. I want another dance like the DaD Derek did with Julianne. Or another dance like he did last season with Chelsie.