DWTS 11 – Which Couple Had The Best Costume For Week 4?

Heidi Note: Courtney and I (mostly me) are running a bit behind on the ‘Cake, so for your reading pleasure I give you Vogue. 🙂

Once again, what a week in costumes. Randall Christianson, the shows costume designer, had his work cut out for him. He said the show might have been “unplugged” (though many of us beg to differ if it was actually an “unplugged” show?), but he wanted the costumes to be as “electric” as always. Here is what he explains to Stylist on these dancers costumes….

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: When StyleList saw 19-year-old Palin’s belted, long white shirt, we figured she had a change of heart about her threat to go sexier this week. Turns out the costume was her version of sexy! “Mark and I had wanted to do a dreamy chiffon, but the music didn’t lend itself to the look,” Christensen says.

Instead, the oversized shirt draped over a black sequined sheath channeled sexy in a new way. “You don’t have to bare it all to prove a point,” says the designer, adding that the super-short costume accented Palin’s “beautiful legs.”

Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas: Mrs. Brady’s “get-a-room” rumba made judge Carrie Ann Inaba blush. Christensen says his muse and her sexy dance inspired him to pull out a $300-a-yard, textured metallic European fabric he’d been saving for the “right person.”

“She’s proving that a woman at any age can be fun, flirty, and yes, sexy,” he says. The shorter, more fluted drape of the dress “was not your typical rumba costume, but a great contrast to the other costumes.” After an Oct. 8 fitting, Christensen added slits on the side and more fullness, which gave the dress a “sassy, flippy” quality. “Awesome, wasn’t she?” he asks. We thought so!

Sorrentino and Karina Smirnoff: Christensen once told us that flashing the reality star’s abs might be “too predictable.” But, “It’s week 4. C’mon don’t you think it was time for the real Situation to be revealed,” says Christensen of the reality star’s split-open bright red shirt.

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: It was perfect 10s for Grey and her black lace dress over nude mesh, which was Christensen’s (and StyleList’s) favorite look of the night. “Argentine tango screams black lace and skin!” he says.

Grey’s decision to drop fishnet stockings from her costume and instead show tanned legs with nude heels was supported by the designer, who says it enhanced the look. “Jennifer was smoking hot… and I’m still reeling from the performance.” The slight flounce at the hemline (included after her Oct. 8 fitting) “only added to the intense footwork and flicks she did.”

While we’re on the subject costumes and for something related, you can see some of the dancers and celebrities getting ready in Make-Up for the first three weeks at this LINK at Facebook. No doubt this has to an interesting process and a lengthy and maybe stressful one at that at times? I remember when Margaret Cho tweeted how stressful it was and how you could cut the tension with a knife.

Also, here is Hollywood makeup artist Joanna Schlip giving helpful tips on Access Hollywood for how you can get Audrina Patridge’s shimmering look on the show.

So, which couple did you think looked the most amazing this week? Along with your comments, be sure to vote in the Poll below too (special thanks to CK410 for the Poll idea last week). Let us know in comments for which costume you liked the least as well.

My favorite for costumes: It’s so close between Audrina and Tony and Jennifer and Derek. Both were so breathtaking. But, I’m giving my vote to Derek and Jennifer. Did anyone else love Derek’s shoes too like I did?
My Least favorite for costumes: Mark and Bristol. As soon as she stepped on stage, I was like “What the ???” Same with every week so far. I wish someone else would seriously help them in this department. If she would have worn a really sexy, gorgeous, jaw dropping dress, it might have helped their package?