DWTS 11, Week 4: Media After The Results

I want to start off this post by sending Maks and his brother Van all of our heartfelt condolences from “Pure Dancing With The Stars”. He tweeted that he lost his Grandmother lastnight. Here’s what he tweeted….

Heavens welcomed another angel last night…..as I lost a piece of my heart…. RIP grandma…..

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you Guys!!

As for a wrap up in lots of media today, first we’ve got The Situation and Karina on Good Morning America this morning expressing their sadness about being picked to leave the show. But, Mike holds his head up high and handles it in a very class act way (in my opinion);

It seems The Situation really touched everyone. Here the cast expresses their sentiments in him leaving the show;

In other media in circulation, check out this fun video where some of the cast is asked about what they do on a “normal Tuesday night”.

I thought this video was hilarious of Kyle, Maks, Lacey, Corky, and Mark goofing around about their weekly football contest on Tuesdays with Kurt and Tony.

Here are Jennifer and Derek, Maks and Brandy, Audrina and Tony, and Flo and Corky after the Results show. They talk about their dances and their upcoming dances next week.

Somehow I can not see The Brady Bunch theme and a Tango for what Flo mentions? 😮

Also, if anyone missed the results show lastnight, be sure to see this skif they made with Len lastnight and how he scores. I was just cracking up.

Here is cool interview Maks did with E Online after Monday night’s show;

How’d you think last night went? You did really well.
I thought it was great. I thought it was all about her.

What was with all the nakedness? You had your shirt open, Mark Ballas was shirtless and even Mark’s father Corky was totally naked.
Corky and Florence [Henderson] are having a lot of fun—just maybe a little too much for comfort for some people.

What did you think of their dance? Did they go too far? Carrie Ann said it made her uncomfortable.
I went to dinner afterwards with some friends and we were talking about it. I liked it. I thought they were having fun. What a sweet lady, and she has spunk! But some people at dinner said it made them uncomfortable. I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

Brandy said in your video package that she hasn’t been with a man in six years. What kind of guy do you think is good for her?
Oh, man. Somebody sweet, somebody romantic. I think she needs somebody strong and very polite and very gentleman-like.

OK, the “date” you went on—did it feel as corny as it looked?
We had fun. We had just been rehearsing and we were exhausted and her leg hurt. But we thought it would be fun. It turned out pretty good. We ended up just sitting and chatting…But I definitely know how to present flowers to a woman [Laughs]. I am a big romantic. I am very suave. The comedy there was cute, but that was not me.

What’s wrong with Brandy’s leg?
Her quads are very sore and her ankle is bothering her. So we’re trying to pace ourselves…Unfortunately, there’s only so much our bodies allow us to do and her ankle is hurting. She doesn’t want to address it on the show because she doesn’t want it to seem like she’s crying about it.

Lastly, Jennifer Grey is on the new cover of this week’s US Magazine. They also interview her in which she says this about aging and how she almost had some botox done on her face before the show. I’m so glad she didn’t. She looks beautiful as is. Do you agree? So many celebrities get botox and they look fakey and like Chipmunks afterwards.;

Out of the spotlight for more than 20 years, it wasn’t easy for 80s icon Jennifer Grey to return to the dance floor at age 50.

“Before the show, I thought, Oh, I should get some Botox, get rid of the wrinkles under my eyes,” the Dancing With the Stars frontrunner tells the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now). “When you put a lot of makeup, the lines become very apparent.”

But she says her husband of nine years, actor Clark Gregg, told her “not to touch anything, to be who I am, because I look great.”

And Grey — who famously underwent two nose jobs in the 1990s; the second operation left her unrecognizable — is glad she listened.

“Aging is inevitable and the idea that we can be eternally youthful is the pitfall of our society,” says Grey, mother to daughter, Stella, 8. “When my body and face were perfect as far as youth, I wasn’t happy. If you try to hold on to something you don’t have anymore, you can’t be happy in the moment.”

More to come. I am sure. 😉