DWTS 11, Week 4 Media Weekend Roundup – Part I

How is everyone doing today? How many of you have a pair of dancing shoes? If so, how many? Just wondering. 🙂

Starting off this media edition, it appears Shakira is going to get ‘loca’ on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and John Legend will perform with her. From En Terra:

According to TooFab.com, the Colombian singer will do a whole lotta hip shaking on next Tuesday’s edition of the hit reality show. Insiders say she’ll probably perform her new single, ‘Loca.’ Apparently John Legend, who did a World Cup concert with Shakira this summer, will appear with her. This is the second time the singer will shake her booty on the program; she also appeared on it, last October.

Several of the pro dancers have tweeted they are rehearsing for a “special performance”. Not sure at this time if it’s with the Shakira and John Legend performance or not? If anyone hears more, be sure to let us know. Heidi’s Note: Louis is choreographing a “group paso” – not sure if this is the same dance or a different one than the “special” one I’ve seen several of the pros refer to – I also got the feeling that the one the pros are talking about features ALL the pros, but we’ll see. 🙂

Speaking of special performances, Wetpaint.com is reporting that Mark and Bristol are promising to do something no one has ever attempted on the show before and will never try again. Hmmm, I wonder what’s up with that dance?

Unless something goes horribly wrong, Dancing with the Stars Week 5 should be about as fun as it gets. The eight remaining couples will dance to TV theme songs from several different decades. Most of the stars share the full scoop in these video interviews with On the Red Carpet, even if the details have to be teased out. We’ll be seeing two Quicksteps, two Foxtrots, two Rumbas, an Argentine Tango, and a Jive. Mark and Bristol are even promising something no one has ever attempted on the show before — and will never try again. Intriguing! Set your TiVos now…

From ET, here is Bristol and Mark talking some more about their upcoming dance and more….

Gong back to our last elimination on the show and as we’ve discussed here, many thought Mike Sorrentino stormed off angry after the show because he and Karina lost. Not so. Karina told MTV that Mike was not sore but in pain. Read more here…

“No, Mike didn’t storm off after we got voted off. [He’d] been hurting a lot on Tuesday,” she clarified in an email. “Not sure what was wrong, but it was in his neck area. He had a doctor come in right after the show. I really hope that the injury isn’t from those crazy lifts, especially since they didn’t pay off. Either way, of course we would have preferred to stay, but at the same time, we had a blast dancing together.”

While Smirnoff would have loved to take another spin on the dance floor with her partner, she isn’t too shocked that they were voted off this week. “I think it was very predictable after Monday night,” she said. “We were given some harsh criticism and the lowest scores of the night. But at the same time, I hoped that we would stay and try our luck in the next week’s dance. ‪ “I think it would be wrong to say [he’s] mad. Disappointed, maybe. Mad, no,” she continued. “The good news is now we can both concentrate on our other projects. For one, we both have a fitness DVD coming out. I might actually beat Mike in my release date!” ‪ The pair had hoped that their lift-filled routine would show the judges that The Sitch was improving as a dancer, and Smirnoff was surprised that it garnered as much as it did. “The difficulty of those lifts was very high, and the judges didn’t even mention anything about them as if they didn’t even see them!” she said. “The audience was very supportive in ballroom, screaming, applauding throughout the performance. So at least we had the support of the audience.” ‪ In the end, Smirnoff is satisfied with the way things worked out — and happy to have a new friend. “I think we did everything possible and impossible, and I think that’s the main reason why we are not mad, angry or anything like that,” she wrote. “On the contrary, we are very appreciative to our fans for believing in us and keeping us in the competition that long. [I would change] absolutely nothing. I had a great partner this season. We had an awesome time dancing together. And we’ve become great friends because of the show.”

In some humorous (or maybe something scary is more like it 🙂 ), did anyone see Carrie Anne on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week dancing “The Butt Dance” with Michael Chiklis? From TV Replay, you’ve got to see this? I’m not sure sure whether this should be called the dance from hell or what? But, I’m glad Jimmy said, “NO, IT’S THE UNSEXY BOOTY DANCE OF DOOM! MAKE IT STOP PLEASE!” 🙂