DWTS 11, Week 4 Media Weekend Roundup – Part II

Heidi’s Note: All the writing in this post, unless noted like this, is Vogues writing. Her original post was getting VERY long so I made a last minute editorial decision to cut it into 2 part. Unfortunately, that makes me appear as the author when it’s actually Vogues’ work.Turns out it can be changed to Vogue. Good job, Vogue!

Would you like to see some of the cast and their real life partners? Here are some pictures from Extra. Be sure to see the link for more in a cool Gallery if interested.

Here is a fun interview with Anna on Kurt from her Facebook page;

Q: Which dance have been the easiest and the hardest to teach/ learn?
Anna: So far Foxtrot was the easiest to learn for Kurt, although he picked up the choreography for Rumba fairly fast as well.

Q: Which dance are you looking most forward to dance/ teach?
Anna: I think Kurt really wants to learn Samba. He thinks itโ€™s a funny dance and he’s looking forward to being goofy with it.

Q: Are you starting to think about the free style that you will be dancing?
Anna: All I’m thinking about is: 1 week at a time. But there are always ideas flying in my head.

Q: Do you find it difficult or awkward to portrait the intimacy/chemistry that some of the dances require, taking into consideration that you are both in happy marriages? How do your spouses deal with it?
Anna: Kurt and I definitely have chemistry. It is very respectful and friendly, it is based on trust and teamwork. Our spouses are super supportive and understanding

Q: It looks like you are having so much fun when we see practice pictures and the packages during the show. How do you keep this up during the long hours and do you some times find that you need a little space?
Anna: I think it is important to be balanced. We work hard during rehearsals but we also joke around and keep it light. We take little breaks so Kurt can check on his family and talk to his wife over the phone. Sometimes Brenda and few kids come over to a dance studio and they have lunch together

Q: Kurt has shown such fantastic improvement what are the biggest challenges now?
Anna: Kurt has learned so much and improved dramatically but his upper body still is a challenge .He’s strong but not used to being stretching through movement hence “the frying pan” hands.

Special thanks to Guest, here is Rick Fox on Jay Leno last night where he talks about basketball, DWTS, the competition (Florence being his biggest threat. lol), and dancing on a DWTS Tour;

For you Kyle and Lacey fans, be sure to tune into The Ellen Show on Monday, Oct. 18th for a guest appearance from them.

For a preview for what’s to come Monday night, would you like to see Derek and Jennifer in rehearsal for their Foxtrot? If so, check this out from ET. Do you think they might get all “10’s” this week? (Heidi’s Note: any bets on if this fight that Derek and Jennifer keep talking about is their whole package? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Lastly, some of the pros and celebrities from the show (from the present and the past)showed up at the Doctrine Clothing Launch this past week. Here are a couple of takes from it. Be sure to see I Need My Fix for more cool pics. There is definitely some eye candy for everyone there I think. Special thanks to Heidi and Pure Derek Hough for the tip. Heidi’s Note: the reason so many people from the show were there was because Derek was “hosting” it.

Ok, that is it for now. Well, I think? ๐Ÿ™‚

Heidi’s Note – Nope. A bit more. ๐Ÿ™‚ Derek was on Good Day LA talking about Extreme Makeover AND George Penachio talks to Derek, Chelsie, Mark, and Tony about their appearance on the show THIS Sunday night.