DWTS, Season 11, Week 5 – More Media Before The Show

Are you Guys ready for tonight? Here’s some things to maybe tie you over until then. ๐Ÿ™‚

First of all, Maks was interviewed yesterday on the Tee-It-Up Golf Radio Network in LA. It’s one of the best interviews I’ve heard him do. He doesn’t speak about his recent loss(maybe this was recorded before that time?). But, he talks on his family’s immigration from Ukraine when he was only 14, how he become a dancer (even after not really wanting to dance at first) and what continually motivates him to this day, and yes, his game of golf. Be sure to go to the link to listen.

Rick Fox and Kurt Warner were interviewed by Good Morning America today. Check them out with their partners Ann and Cheryl preparing for the show tonight.

Here is fun interview from ET of Audrina and Tony. They call themselves “The Stress Free” couple. Watch this to see why.

Tony was also intervewed from TV Guide where he talks on this Season, their new dance tonight, Maks’ loss and more. Here’s a snippet from it. Be sure to read the link for more.

TVGuide.com: It paid off. You’re the only couple to have dethroned Jennifer and Derek.Dovolani: We were so involved in that story of the waltz and paying tribute to the soldiers that we didn’t even realize we were the leaders. The next day, Jennifer said to me, “How does it feel being at the top?” Honestly, I didn’t think about it because it meant so much to do that for the soldiers. I come from a war country [Kosovo] and American soldiers are the reason why I’m able to go back home and to come here. That’s just my way of saying thank you. I didn’t care about the score.

TVGuide.com: How’s your rumba coming along?Dovolani: Great. She’s doing an amazing job. It is weird to dance a rumba to the Hills theme. It’s a sexy dance and the song is so upbeat, but we’re both very happy with what we came up with. You better watch the beginning of it! We’re really working her using her soles, having hip action and finishing her lines. If she does that, she’s gold.

TVGuide.com: The judges commented on her not pointing her toes last week. Are you working on that?Dovolani: Yes. She’s probably the best student I’ve ever had. I never have to tell her to do something twice because she’s already beaten me to it. She worked on her toes for the 50th time today and I said, “You know, you’ve done this 50 times.” She goes, “I know, but I’ve got to get it!” That’s what I love about her.

TVGuide.com: I did the math and you guys have the third best average behind Jennifer and Brandy. That could very well be the final three.Dovolani: Yeah, I would love to be back in the final. Everybody’s doing well. It’s hard to see who the end couples are going to be, but I’ll be honest. Based on the work ethic and her attitude, I truly feel like we have a really great chance of going all the way. I think anybody can take it. Jennifer is the front-runner. I can’t say nobody else has a chance. It’s a marathon. We have to save up our energy to sprint at the end. And Maks [Chmerkovskiy] and I would love to be in the final together.

TVGuide.com: Maks said in his blog that you guys have really rallied around him after his grandmother died.Dovolani: I was supposed to go to an event that night but canceled it to be with Maks. He’s my best friend and I had to be there for him. It wasn’t so much cheering him up, but just being there next to the boy. My heart goes out to him. It’s hard enough to lose anybody, let alone your grandma. We’re all going through it together.

Mark Ballas told Wet Paint that he thinks the judges are being too hard on Bristol and everyone. Here’s a take from that interview.

“I think they’re being tough on everybody,” Mark said to Us. “The scoring is all over the place. I don’t know if it’s the traveling back and forth for the judges or maybe they’re just not seeing what they want to see. But they were way too hard on Bristol last week. Especially Carrie Ann.”

But does Mark think that Bristol’s sexy Rumba was too sexy for a teenager? “It wasn’t that it was too sexy. The judges just thought that when I took off my shirt it was a distraction. I’ve danced the Rumba with Shawn Johnson who was 17 and it was not a problem. It’s like if you don’t wanna see a risque dance, then don’t watch it. You don’t like horror movies? Don’t go to one. I was doing the Rumba when I was nine!”

We’re sure his father approved, which makes you wonder, is there any competition between Mark and Corky on the show this season? “My dad and I have a very close relationship. It’s always scary when one of us gets saved first, waiting for the other one to get saved and we’re nervous for each other. At the end of the day, he’ll always want me to do the best I can.”

Sarah Palin also talked to Zap2it and here is what she said on Bristol and her dancing. Note how it’s Bristol’s 20th birthday today.

“She’s having a ball,” says her mother. “What she said — and it’s kind of a life lesson for all of us, I think — she said, ‘Mom, no matter what I do, I’m going to get criticized, so I might as well go dance.’ I’m like, ‘Right on, go dance.’ She’s having a ball.

“Bristol loves [fellow competitor] Florence Henderson, and she says she relates to Florence more than anybody else. But she has not one complaint about anybody. Everything is positive, and she’s just amazed how helpful and kind and gracious everybody is. It’s been really good for her.”

The young mother — who turns 20 on Monday, Oct. 18, the night she hits the floor for the fifth time on “Dancing With the Stars” — has earned some positive comments from the judges for her dancing technique while also negative ones for her performance skills.

“It’s just fine,” says Sarah Palin, “for never having danced at all, in her life.”

Lastly, I’ve got to post this picture of Jennifer. She tweeted this lastnight on Twitter. Apparently, Rick Fox took this picture of her stretching before the show last week. How many 50 year old women can do this? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Ok, that’s it for now. Here’s to the show tonight everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚