Spoilers!!! DWTS 11, Week 5 – The Results

Another week another results show. I have to say that their “in jeopardy” really doesn’t hold a lot of water these days. Who are they kidding?

Anyway, I sucked at predictions this week, since Team Florky leaves the dance floor, as opposed to either Bristol or Audrina. I think that Derek/Jennifer and Rick/Cheryl fans better get their butts in gear voting because often the reason for the stupid jeopardy is that fanbases of good dancers aren’t voting enough.

Or, they just like scaring people. πŸ™‚ But if you read my earlier numbers post you know what it would have taken for Jennifer or Rick to actually be eliminated. So who was the real bottom two? Ideas?? I say either Bristol or Audrina. Maybe they didn’t put Audrina in jeopardy because they hosed her with the music. That was kind of them, but it doesn’t do her any favors next week.

Florence Henderson = CLASS ACT