DWTS, Season 11, Week 5 – Which Costume Was Your Favorite?

It appears costume designer, Randall Christensen, had a new challenge for the show’s first ever “TV-themed episode”. He wanted to be sure to pay homage to each show and yet, incorporate his and each set of dancer’s style. Here’s some snippets for how he came up with some of the costumes this week from Style List.

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Grey’s retro-fabulous look was both StyleList’s and Christensen’s favorite. Her “Love and Marriage”-themed fox-trot was a tribute to “Donna Reed/Mrs.Cleaver/Mad Men”-era women and involved a search for a vintage, striped cream-and-avocado fabric “that almost drove me to drink,” Christensen confesses.

“My cutter was texting because she was ready to sew and I was still shopping,” he says. “But the very last studio I went to had the perfect fabric.” Even Betty Draper would smile.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: The gorilla suit Palin wore to fox-trot to “The Monkees” theme song was kind of bananas, but making it work is part of Christensen’s job.

“The challenge was finding ready-made suits in a day because they had to rehearse in them,” says Christensen. The designer retro-fit the campy costumes with Velcro so they could be ripped apart mid-dance to reveal Palin’s voluminous bright pink skirt “which was everywhere in that suit.” The designer’s favorite touch? “The adorable rhinestone bananas on Ballas’s vest.”

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani: The Bongo model’s sexy, bedazzled rumba bikini was an ode to the Southern California beach culture that was the backdrop for “The Hills,” the show that made her famous. The sparkly pink look was also a nod to the pool where she first met her costume-conscious dance partner. “Tony suggested we go for it,” Christensen says of the barely there swimsuit, which was covered slightly with a flowing wrap that “added the sexuality and dramatic touch needed for such a sexy dance and costume.”

Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas: The nude, shimmering crystal gown with ostrich wisps that Henderson revealed after slipping off her “Mrs. Brady” frock was meant to signify a dream sequence. “She was known for her red, black, and white suit so we had to go with that,” says Christensen, who opted for something “breathtaking” for the reveal.

Here is a cool video of what happens backstage getting ready for the show too from ET Online.

Once again, the Make-up Crew gave us a glimpse of what went on backstage at their Facebook Page last week. Do I ever wish I was a fly on the wall for this process. Then again, I’ve always loved make-up. If I was to help this show (besides promotion), “make-up” and helping with costumes is where I’d be. How about you?

Lastly, I thought this was cool. Several weeks ago, a number of our Pro Dancers, Judges, and Celebrities helped promote Burju Dance Shoes. They provide the dancing shoes for all the dancers.

Be sure to see the complete spread at the link. (John, if you are reading this, there is a hot picture of Peta Murgatroyd at the link you are going to love. ๐Ÿ˜€ ) If you’d like to buy some of their shoes for yourself, check out Burjushoes.com.

Ok, so that is for now. Time to place your vote for the couple who had your favorite costume this week. Be sure to reply with who you voted for and your thoughts. Same with who wore the worst costume.

My Fave:: Anna and Kurt! Her gown was so beautiful and one of my most favorites on the show ever. His suit was perfect too for Darren.
Worst: Rick and Cheryl! This was just awful and set me off for the whole dance.