DWTS, Season 11, Week 5 – News Bits, Blogs, & Interviews

So, our stars of the show are starting to blog about this past week’s dances and on their future dances. Here are some snippets from Mark’s new blog from USA Today. On his Dad and Florence leaving, he wrote;

The best emotion to describe how I feel right now is bittersweet. I can’t explain how great it feels to know that Team Ballin has great fans that pulled us through this week. But it’s a bitter feeling because my dad (pro dancer Corky Ballas, matched with entertainer Florence Henderson) got eliminated.

I’m his biggest fan and it makes me really sad that he’s leaving the show. I lost my partner who throws the football around with (retired NFL quarterback) Kurt Warner on Tuesday afternoons. Who’s going to show up (pro dancers) Maks (Chmerkovskiy) and Tony (Dovolani) with me now? Ha!

On Bristol;

It’s terrible feeling like you might go home. As professional ballroom dancers, we’ve spent our lives competing and we want to win and be successful very badly. When you don’t have your strongest performance and feel you may be eliminated, you just feel sick to your stomach all day.

So how about those gorilla suits? How funny was that? The judges keep harping on Bristol to have a better overall performance and play a character, so that’s exactly what they got! We had great fun with all the shots of us backstage, jumping on couches and beating our chests, and the fact that we pulled off dancing in gorilla suits will be remembered for years!

Pro dancer Derek (Hough) said never in a million years would he have his partner wear — and remove — a costume like that. I’m so proud of Bristol for going for it and pulling it off!

We’re back to work Wednesday. We have two dances this week, the Tango and a group dance.

No time to let up now!

Here is a snippet from a cool new interview with Erin Andrews on the show and her former partner Maks from Movie Line. She is their new “Dances With The Stars” Commentator.

Your old partner Maksim had a great week with Brandy, earning the highest score of the night. What was your reaction to that?I know Maks had a tough week because his grandmother passed away. Obviously they didn’t show that in the feature. [Based on] everything that I heard from him, the show really helped him out with dealing with that. So I was happy to see [Maks and Brandy] not fighting and getting along. I haven’t met Brandy yet, but I know how much everybody puts into that. By the time Monday comes and you see the feature they’ve put together, it’s like — if you’ve been fighting all week, you’ve finally gotten through the week, and then you see the feature where you’ve been arguing — you’re like, “Gosh, really? This is the focus?” That’s why I kind of felt bad for Derek and Jennifer. You work so hard, and then you see, “Oh, crap, we’re going to be fighting. This isn’t good.” So I was happy Brandy and Maks had kind of gotten their act together.

Last week you said that Brandy needed to stop and listen a bit more with Maks. Do you think she did that?It sounds like she kind of figured out that he’s a perfectionist. I made this comparison at the time: He’s like a lot of coaches that I look up to in the sports world. He demands a lot of his students. When you come into that show being the best that you are in your profession and you’ve got someone who’s demanding of you and you don’t know really what you’re doing, it’s very hard and you become very insecure. So you have to kind of figure out your groove in the relationship with him. I don’t know if I ever figured it out. It looks like she kind of figured it out. And you know what? The competition is getting tougher. She’s going to have to learn two dances. It tests you and tests your patience. She’s still going to have to learn about how to handle him, but I’m glad it looked like they got off to a better start.

Do you think he needs to adapt to her just as much as she adapts to him?Oh, I absolutely think every professional has to adapt to their students. Maks had to figure out how testy I got, and he knew that if my blood sugar was going down, it was time to get out of there and go get a coffee or a smoothie, because I wouldn’t pay attention and I’d get crabby. He knew not to have practices too early in the morning because I was exhausted. He knew when I needed to be fed, he knew what things to joke with me about and when to push me, absolutely. Both sides have to figure out what the best way to work together is.

It’s funny that Audrina forced herself to eat an onion and ruin her breath this week to help deal with the pressure of a romantic dance. Are the “romantic” parts of a routine nerve-wracking? Did you think about them a lot ahead of time?Well, there’s two things about that. I would always get in trouble on that show for chewing gum. I was always insecure about my breath. It’s just something that bothers me in my life now, like when I interview athletes or coaches. Dancing with this gorgeous man for seven hours a day, I was like, “My breath cannot smell.” So I constantly had to have gum in my mouth. The producers would yell at me and be like, “I need you to take the gum out because you can’t be chomping on-screen.” And I’d say, “No, I’m sorry, I don’t want my breath to smell with him.” So when Audrina did this onion thing, I was like, “I am so confused.” That would not make me want to be romantic! Maks wouldn’t come near me if I didn’t have gum in my mouth, and I’d push him away and say, “My breath smells, don’t come near me.”

And that’s not all. Special thanks to Andie, Rick Fox did a fun interview with Ryan Seacrest this past week which is a fun listen if you happened to miss it.

Speaking of….for you Cheryl Burke fans who are wanting to see more of her after this season ends, The LA Times is reporting that she is to star in “Forever Tango” at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills in January.

“Forever Tango,” which is directed by creator Luis Bravo, tells the history of the sensuous dance through musical numbers and vignettes. The show originated in San Francisco in 1994 and opened on Broadway three years later. Burke has been practicing up for her stage gig. She and her current partner, former Laker Rick Fox, tangoed their way through last week’s competition, which included a visit from the “Forever Tango” troupe. The show at the Saban will run for four performances, Jan. 14-16.

Here is a little preview of what this fine show is like;

Ok, that is it for now. Maybe more later. Voguerista over and out! 😉