DWTS 11, Week 6 – Who’s Dancing What…And When?

Another week, two more dances – the Paso Doble or the Tango. This is also the week of the marathon dance – what that entails this season I’m not quite sure. It’s rock and roll. I’ve seen some say Lindy, I’ve seen some say jive…I think it was Derek or Maks that mentioned several dance moves. Someone else used the words “free style”. At the end of the day, it should be interesting. Can someone dethrone Derek as the marathon champ? Probably, since Jennifer’s the oldest person still in the competition and they are limited in what lifts they can do. So, who will it be?? I’m tempted to say Brandy or Audrina, but I wonder if one of the guys can sneak in there? I expect they will tap Bristol out first and score her Tango low, in an attempt to eliminate her from the competition – which is fine, since she’s the worst dancer still in the competition.

ETA: Louis is at the show and tweeted at 30 minutes to show time that they are ripping out the black floor. Freaky. Maks and Brandy are going last, which tonight of all nights is not a good spot. And ABC nixed Brooke Burkes rocker chick “boob dress” – Now I’m curious, of course.

Here’s what the couples are dancing – and in some cases, the dance order and/or song:

Kurt/Anna; Paso Doble – Dancing 6th

Bristol/Mark; Tango

Brandy/Maks: Tango – Dancing 7th
Song: Holding out for a Hero, Bonnie Tyler

Jennifer/Derek: Paso Doble

Rick/Cheryl: Tango – Dancing 4th

Kyle/Lacey: Tango

Audrina/Tony: Paso Doble
Song: Another One Bites the Dust, Queen

Many thanks to Karina, who tweeted this very interesting photo of what the dance floor is going to look like – I honestly don’t know how to feel about this.