DWTS Season 11, Week 7 – Another Shocking Elimination & New Unfair Gimmick Coming

I don’t know about all of you, but, this has to be the strangest and most unpredictable DWTS season I’ve ever experienced. First, they announced this lack luster cast. Then many of us we’re pleasantly surprised to find ourselves drawn to them. Then bang, the judges start hitting them where it doesn’t count and giving good scores to those who don’t deserve them and the list goes on. The result: all of these unknown, shocking eliminations. I think it’s safe to say at this point that not one of this Season’s couples are safe no matter how well they dance. I’ll be scared for them all every week from this time forward. 😮

If that’s not all, and some of you have mentioned in our blogs, the producers are now throwing another challenge to the dancers this upcoming week one of which includes practicing to one of their two dances without any music until showtime next Monday. Special thanks to Heidi sending me this interview with Maks from E On-line while I was on a business and shopping run to Colorado yesterday which mentions this new gimmick. What the ?? Can the dancers or us take much more of these so-called “gimmicks”?

What dance are you and Brandy working on for next week?
We’re doing the waltz as our main dance and then there’s this new crazy thing where they’re going to give us the dance after the show tonight but they won’t give us the music. So we’re going to have to prepare a dance without the music and get the music next Monday [during the show] and…we’ll have 20 minutes to prepare our dance.

It seems like the producers are trying to make it really hard on everyone.I’m not really sure if I think it’ll make for great TV. I just think it’s absolutely unnecessary pressure on celebrities that are already under pressure. But I’m not the producer. It’s not my show. What the production doesn’t realize is that it doesn’t make it any easier or harder on the celebrities. It makes it harder for the professionals. It’s really unfair to us because we are doing way too much.

Maks and Brandy talk more on this new gimmick here;

Anyway, to Rick Fox! Many of us are sorry to see him leave which includes all of his fellow dancing competitors. They talk in interviews on him, how they’ve made it this far, as well as a little on their future dances.

Bristol and Mark;

Kurt and Anna;


Jennifer and Derek;

Kyle and Lacey;

Finally, here’s Rick and Cheryl on his dancing experience;