DWTS Season 11, Week 7 – Wows and Boos Media After The Show

Well, it was definitely a night for “diverse” thoughts and mixed reactions. We saw a lot of “Wow’s” last night and a lot of “boos” too. Do you feel a lot of tension like I do? lol This competition is so stiff this Season. Overall, I was surprised how much I loved the “Instant Dance”. The celebrities rose to the occasion for the most part. Would you like to see the show bring the “Instant Dance” back in future seasons? It sure made things interesting, didn’t it?

So, here is a nice wrap up of the night as well as interviews after the show from ABC. Some of you might not like what Maks says on Carrie Anne again.

And here is Maks and Brandy talking more in depth on the night.

Bristol and Mark…

Also, here is fun video from ET Online of the dancers “made-up” dances that we didn’t get to see. Kyle is, as always, a hoot. Derek and Jennifer are so cute.

Ok, more coming soon!! Don’t forget to vote in our Poll above. Here’s to the Results Show tonight and may the best dancers stay on board. Please I hope!! 🙂