DWTS Season 11, Week 8 – Monday and Tuesday Media Videos Part 1

What a show last night! Does anyone need a repeat of the funny ‘Dance Center’ bits again? This stuff was priceless. I think this garnishes a repeat. Do you? lol ;

And here are those amazing kids again! Emily Bear With Sophia Latessa and Tyler Golman! A+ entertainment just like Tom commented on lastnight!!

Moving on to our Celebrities and Pros. Here is how they reacted to this weeks dances. This coverage is from Monday night after the show.

Kurt and Anna;

Kyle and Lacey;

Bristol and Mark;

This is a good one. More Bristol and Mark and their reaction to Maks and Carrie Anne’s fight. Mark agrees with Maks and I can see his point!!

Jennifer and Derek;

Here is a video of the Couples talking about how hard Tuesday nights are;

Niecy Nash gives Bristol some “intensity” lessons backstage (lol);

More coming in Part 2! Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰