DWTS Season 11 – Weekend Media Updates & Prediction Question

Two more days until our Semi-Final DWTS Show!! Even as whacked and frustrating as this Season is, this is getting more exciting by the day. So, if you were to rank how this Season is going to turn out for who will win right now (not who your favorites are) in order, how would you rank the final four? Get your predictions in now and then at the end of this Season in two weeks, we can look back and see who was right.

Here’s how I would rank them;

1st place: Jennifer and Derek
2nd place: Brandy and Maks
3rd place: Kyle and Lacey
4th place: Bristol and Mark

The inspiration for this question comes from a prediction Kelly Osbourne made on The Ellen Show yesterday. From Zap2it.

“You never know with that show,” says Osbourne. “It’s crazy you don’t always see what the people see at home and why they vote. You never really understand, but I definitely think that Jennifer Grey is going to be in the finals. As for the winner, I really feel like Bristol Palin is going to give everyone a run for his or her money…I have to say this you have to separate the person from the family. She’s out there and she’s trying.”

Here is another prediction from Telly Cafe.

Anyways, the final 4, as of now, stands as:

1. Bristol Palin
2. Jennifer Grey
3. Brandy
4. Kyle Massey

Jennifer Grey, alongside her partner, has been doing a phenomenal job and has earned applause from all quarters. She is one of the likely finalists and has a hefty chance of picking the trophy.

While Bristol Palin is unlikely to make it to the finals, Brandy is likely to make the cut unless Kyle Massey comes up with a better show. Though, a lot may transpire in the final few episodes, Jennifer and Brandy seem the two hot favourites at the moment.

Maks’ new blog is up on TV Guide. He writes that everything is fine with Carrie Anne. He also writes on the backlash. It’s sad how people have sent him “hate” tweets. Go ahead and disagree with him or any of the dancers. But, to sign up at Twitter just to send them “I hate you” tweets is just sad and low in my opinion. Be sure to read more on everything Maks says at the link. Here are some takes on he and Brandy’s upcoming dances and what he says about the “hate” tweets and negativity. (Heidi Editorial Note: He’s definitely not the only one who has people signing up just to send hate. He should read Derek’s or Mark’s @replies once in a while – or any other pros. As such, I don’t know if it can really be labeled “backlash” against a specific person – more like a hazard of the internet, sadly. Relax Maks – it’s not just you.)

We have the paso doble and the Argentine tango next week. We’ve finished the paso and are working on the tango now. We’re dedicating the paso to everybody who’s been bullied. I thought it was great for that particular message. We’re taking a risk with our interpretation. Will the audience get it? Will the judges get it? I don’t know. But it’s something Brandy and I clicked on. We spoke a lot about it and we went through tough, tough moments in our lives, but we came out on top. I want kids to understand that you have to speak up — let your voice be heard. Don’t be silent and wallow. Talk because there are people who care and who will listen. Our Argentine tango will be traditional. I think it’s going to be fun. We just want to do a good tango. The paso — we want to get people out of their seats.

Right now, Brandy and I are just focused on the semifinal. We’re not thinking about the final yet. if we go through to the finale, it would be cool and it’s definitely our goal, but we can’t look too far ahead. I need to take everything one step at a time because, as I’ve mentioned, this season has been very tough on all of us pros. Yesterday, I was at my worst. I was ridiculous. I was mentally and physically done. It’s really hard. No one — absolutely no one — understands what we go through no matter who you are. You haven’t been in our shoes. You have no idea how difficult it is. When you get to the final, you are so drained that you become a shell of a person. You’re on complete autopilot. Once it’s over, you go, “I have absolutely no idea how I did.” I love our fans. I love my fans. I love seeing what they like, bad or good. The positive stuff gives me a good reinforcement and tells me I’m doing something right. Most of the negativity I laugh at because it’s so stupid or unreasonable since these people clearly don’t know anything about ballroom dancing or what we go through. It’s funny to me that there’s so much negativity spewed at everyone. Why don’t you get up and try to do what we do? People judge me for being a certain way. Honestly at this point, I really don’t care. I only care about what Brandy thinks right now. I know what my past partners think and how good our relationships are — and people are still speculating about how we supposedly “hate” each other and whatnot. I love when I get tweets from people who say they created a Twitter account just to tell me they hate me. If you hate me, why waste your time making an account to tell me? If I hated someone, I would never waste time doing that. It’s really amazing the lengths people go to behind the protection and anonymity of the Internet to be mean. But I’m not letting those people get to me. I’m just focused right now on Monday. I’m tired. Brandy’s tired. But I know we will bring our best next week.

Oh, and I ran onto this fun interview with Len Goodman at the Daily Mail on how he got into dancing. He traded his welding career in for dancing…and yes, to meet GIRLS. lol Here is an excerpt. Be sure to read more at the link. And isn’t this a fun picture of him and his wife Cherry? lol  (Heidi: Hey! They’re both “squeezing the egg”!!  Just like in Dance Center. LOL!!)

How, I wonder, did he get into ballroom dancing? Did girls play a part, by any chance?

‘I was 21 and working as a welder, but had hurt my foot playing football. The doctor recommended ballroom dancing, of all things, to strengthen it. My first reaction was “Not on your nelly”, but someone told me there would be girls there and I thought, “Ah-ha”. I went into the class with a winklepicker on one foot and my dad’s carpet slipper on the other.’

He was a natural, and was paired with the dance-school owner’s daughter, Cherry. There was no shortage of enthusiasm – either for Cherry, who became his first wife, or for the dancing.

Len quickly established himself as one of the characters of the ballroom-dancing scene. He fizzes with anecdotes about those days, laughing himself silly about the day he tried to bribe the lighting people to shine the spotlight on him for an entire routine.

‘It backfired. I had a cold that day and spent most of the dance with a drip on the end of my nose, sparkling away.’

Lastly, we have more details to share on the upcoming Results Show from ABC.

Featured TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on “Dancing with the Stars the Results Show,” renowned singer/songwriter Annie Lennox performs two breathtaking songs, “Little Bird” and the single “Universal Child” from her new holiday themed album. On November 16 Lennox releases her sixth solo album and first-ever holiday recording, A Christmas Cornucopia. A stunning collection of new and inspired interpretations of eleven traditional festive songs, the disc is rounded out by her new composition and first single, “Universal Child.” The CD will be released on Decca in the U.S. and everywhere else November 15 on Island Records. In her 30-year career, both as a member of the groundbreaking Eurythmics and as a solo artist, Lennox has amassed sales of more than 80 million albums worldwide. Her towering achievements also include 34 hit singles, four Grammy Awards, 11 Brit Awards and five Ivor Novello Awards, The Award of Merit from the American Music Awards. Lennox has also won an Academy Award and Golden Globe. The SING Campaign, www.annielennoxsing.com, is a humanitarian organization she founded to raise awareness and support for the AIDS/HIV pandemic in Africa.

Also on Tuesday, red hot Latin artist Enrique Iglesias is set to perform his smash international hit single, “I Like It,” from his newest album Euphoria. With its combination of pop and driving hip hop beats, Euphoria is Iglesias’ first album to feature songs sung in both Spanish and English, with guest performances by such VIP guests as Akon, Nicole Scherzinger, Usher, Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Wisin and Yandel, Juan Luis Guerra and the legendary Lionel Richie. In the U.S., Iglesias is one of the biggest-selling Spanish artists of all time, with over 12 million albums sold and 19 #1 Billboard Latin hits across the Americas. Meanwhile, in the UK, he has sold 2.2 million albums and 1.6 million singles, the biggest of which – the inimitable “Hero” – spent four weeks at #1 and is now a staple of teary X Factor scenes. Iglesias has had 12 top 20 singles and six Top 10 singles in the UK, including “Bailamos,” “Could I Have This Kiss Forever,” “Escape,” “Not in Love” and “Do You Know.”

In the final “Macy’s Stars of Dance” performance of the season, the Macy’s Design-a-Dance will feature the song, dance style and pro dancers selected by voters. For the first time, viewers this season also had the chance to submit concept design entries for the performance, which fans also voted for on abc.com.

Ok, Voguerista over and out! More soon! 😉 xx