DWTS 11, Week 7 – Stuff Off My TiVo

I got too busy for this last week, but I did manage to scrounge some stuff off my Tivo this week.  Some of it may resemble video Vogue has uploaded but it is the broadcast version as opposed to the net version.

Access Hollywood from Monday – I do think it’s cute that Maks is trying to hook Brandy up and give her dating advice

Remember me talking about the split screen with the clock?? Here you go. This actually made me go back and watch all the dances – Kyle is the only other one who didn’t start right away.

Jen and Derek on ET – “how the old broads do it”. LOL. Also Kyle and Lacey.

More “Ballroom Feud” from ET. :::rolls eyes::: Mark – lookin’ worse than Maks ever did in my opinion. People’s Choice Awards

I worry for Brandy if she doesn’t win, actually. Extra!

I really like Brandy – I wish she had more control over Maks. 🙂 And a big HA HA to Chelsie, who manages to irritate Mark with her insistence that it’s the Tea Party keeping Bristol around. 🙂

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