DWTS Season 11, Week 9 – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

Final Four, everyone!!  It should be an interesting week – will Bristol get the bums rush and end up leaving, or will the judges continue to be overly kind at the risk of Brandy and Jennifer?? I can’t wait to watch. 🙂  Here’s what our couples are dancing this week; as usual, as more information comes out, I will update this post.

Jennifer and Derek; Cha cha cha and Slow Waltz

Brandy and Maks; Paso Doble and Argentine Tango – Dancing First

Bristol and Mark; Paso Doble and Slow Waltz

Kyle and Lacey; Argentine Tango and Samba

I have to give the serious edge to Brandy this week with two very showy dances.  If she can pull them off sans melodrama, she should be in good position score-wise.  Jennifer is also in a good spot, but I always worry about a slow waltz at this point in the competition, going up against Pasos and ATs and Sambas. Luckily, she’s got a cha cha to back it up.  Derek usually can make a waltz exciting too. I think both ladies will do well, score wise, but I’m a little concerned with Brandy AND Jennifer with the voters. Mainly because when people get high scores their fans get complacent and either don’t vote, or try to vote AGAINST someone – for example, voting for Kyle in an attempt to get rid of Bristol. HORRIBLE idea, people. Don’t do it. Vote for the person you like the best – if Brandy and Jennifer get 10s you best vote like you never have before. Anyway, out of the two of them, I worry more about Brandy than I do Jennifer and Maks didn’t help this last week.

Then we have Bristol and Kyle.  Ye gods.  Normally I would give the edge to Kyle, but here’s the problem: Lacey has never done an AT on this show, that I recall, and; Samba? Kyle?  I just don’t know how this will work. But, he’s pulled off dances before that I didn’t think he would so, who knows? The other problem for Kyle is that Bristol will likely do well enough on the Paso and Waltz to get herself decent scores again. Well, lets face it, she forgets half her steps and gets decent scores – I don’t see that changing now. I re-watched last weeks Samba and her getting 8’s annoyed me. No way was that dance worthy of 8’s. She clearly forgets her steps at one point and has to look at Mark’s feet.

So, I guess what I’m thinking is: tomorrow night is the night we will likely find out just what kind a fanbase Bristol and Kyle each have, but anyone could go home.  I wrote up the post that I threatened to write, the one about recapping the season to date to see what it has taken for Bristol to get here and there was only ONE week that was impressive and it’s the same week where Kurt was MORE impressive. The week Audrina went home. Lots of people leapt over Audrina, which tells me she wasn’t getting votes, not that they were getting lots. And don’t let anyone sell you this “Bristol has been in last place all along” crap either. Bristol has only been in last place 3 of the last 8 weeks. That’s not even half the time.

All’s I can say is, if you want your favorite to stay, you best vote like crazy. 🙂