DWTS Season 11, Week 9 – Power Rankings

Why does Courtney get to go on Vacay?? So not fair. :::sigh::: But, say thank you to the producer gods that they finally trimmed the show to 90 minutes.

Well, here we go. And for the 500th time, it’s not just about the dancing.

One thing I will mention right off the bat is that everyone, except Kyle, was dressed beautifully. Just gorgeous. The male pros have really learned how to dress their women. I was in extreme envy. And I want Jennifer’s waltz earrings.

As for the rankings, I’m at a bit of a loss, really. I think Derek and Jennifer are an obvious first place choice, but what to do after that? Because like I said 2 paragraphs ago, it’s not just about the dancing, but a whole combination of factors – and this one is a hard one to call. For one thing, Bristol’s Paso was a vast improvement over her previous dances – but three 9s? I don’t agree. Then she kinda fell out in the Waltz – her face was totally vacant and at points she was skipping. I expected more from Brandy, although her dances were beautiful – and I didn’t like either of Kyle’s dances. So….I’m going to cop out. πŸ™‚

1. Jennifer and Derek. I was crying right along with Derek when it came to that waltz, and I wasn’t sure why. Very simple, very beautiful, very clean – they just managed to put a ton of emotion into a slow dance. Don’t believe me? Compare it to Bristol and Mark’s. As for the Cha Cha Cha – that was amazing. High energy, sassy, saucy, funky…loved it.

2. TIE Brandy and Bristol (and Mark and Maks). Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear the complaining now. But, like it or not, Bristol knocked one out of the park with her Paso. I don’t think she belongs in the final after that Waltz though – her face was totally blank, vacant. Her feet were also once again, sloppy. But, she has shown she’s got the votes prior to now. I would have scored her a point lower on the Paso and 2 points lower on her waltz. As for Brandy, she is a far superior dancer to Bristol and both of her dances were beautiful tonight – but I was left wanting and expecting more on both of them. I think my expectations were entirely too high for her on both those dances – they both seemed like gimme’s and I don’t feel like Maks delivered completely on the choreography. Don’t get me wrong – two very, very good dances, but I was disappointed. I also have to say (and this is NOT their fault at all) but I really despised the use of such a contemporary song for their Paso Doble. Wasn’t that Katy Perry’s Firework? I think they were kinda hosed on that – the Paso lost it’s power due to that music. I think the producers did then no favors with that music – and actually the same comment applies to Kyle.

3. Kyle and Lacey. I actually think Kyle danced better on average than Bristol did, but I really didn’t like his first dance at all. He struck me as trying too hard and I didn’t find him as entertaining as many do. As for his Paso, well my original thought was that Lacey was doing a lot more actual dancing than he was. I thought he was very overscored on his Paso – both his dances actually. I thought 27 for both would be about right.

Okay, start yelling. I won’t hear you for a while because I have a lot of voting to do. πŸ™‚