DWTS, Season 11, Week 9 – Media After The Performances Monday

We’d like to share some backstage footage after Monday nights performances. Here are all the dancing couples reactions to their dances and some recaps.

First up, is Jennifer and Derek. No don’t the final is going to be “tight” just like Derek commented;

Kyle and Lacey so excited and “sexy”, lol;

Here is Lacey being interviewed on same sex couples dancing as well;

Brandy and Maks remarking on how this show is ‘much more than a dance show’ and more;

Here they again are talking about “bullying” and how proud Maks is of Brandy no matter what happens;

Bristol and Mark and how much Bristol has changed and grown, etc.;

Here is ET backstage with all the couples;

A video made before the show discussing the stars that were in the audience and the high energy;

Lastly, here is a nice wrap up on the night;

More coming! Stay tuned! 😉