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DWTS Season 11, Week 9 – Controversial Media Continues, A New Poll, & More

So, for starters, I’m curious. If you were mainly a “Maks and Brandy” fan and/or voting for them a lot before (like I was. I also threw some votes every week to others like Audrina and Jennifer), who will you support now?

Me?>>> all the way may to Jennifer and Derek!! All bets are

Speaking of Maks, he gave E Online an interview. In this interview, he quotes how “rediculous” the show is this Season. He also brought up a quote from Bristol where she said he “hated her” which, he said, isn’t true. You have to wonder how much a comment like that played into the votes this week? Here’s a take. Be sure to read more at the link. Special thanks to PureDWTS fan Carlie for this news.

Are you mad at all about it?I felt really disappointed with Bristol. On Monday night, I found out that she went on record saying that I said something about her along the lines of, “I don’t like her because she’s still here and she’s not a good enough dancer.” Every time I’ve opened my mouth about Bristol, I’ve been nothing but supportive…For her to come out on Monday night and totally smear my name the way she did, that’s just completely uncalled for…I have no idea where she got it from, but wherever she got it from, shame on her and shame on whoever told her that.

What about the alleged right-wing conspiracy theory keeping Bristol on the show? Are you starting to believe it?I definitely think that the system is flawed. I think there are a lot of problems with it. I have a lot of friends in the Philadelphia area who couldn’t call at all. People here, in front of me, picked up the phone, dialed one time and it said, “Thank you for voting. You are over your limit.” Anybody crazy would think, “This is a conspiracy theory. Everybody’s out there and wants Bristol to win.” Not at all. I think it’s just a flawed system.

Do you think Bristol could win?I really don’t care. I think at this point I’m rooting for Kyle [Massey] because this kid has come on with no fan base, with not a known name, not someone who is in incredible shape or had a phenomenal dance background…Kyle does have the same resilience as Bristol, same dance ability as Jennifer [Grey], but he’s just that kid next door…I think he’s amazing.

Maks also discussed the elimination to People. He also addressed the Bristol quote again.

As Chmerkovskiy comforted his teary-eyed partner backstage, the pro dancer admitted to facing some hurdles during the season.

“Most recently, Bristol said I don’t like her,” Chmerkovskiy said. “I never said it. I just want to make sure that people understand that I’m just a dancer. That’s all I am, and I don’t aspire to be a politician at all. I express my opinion when it comes to only dancing. This season, I’ve been so focused on Brandy that I really didn’t look at anybody else.”

Here is the exact original quote from what Bristol said to In Touch Weekly.

Some viewers are criticizing Bristol Palin’s longevity on this season’s Dancing With the Stars, and according to the Alaskan beauty, certain fellow dancers are giving her the cold shoulder, as well! “Maks (Chmerkovskiy) does not like me. He thinks I don’t deserve to be here because I’m not the best dancer,” Bristol tells In Touch about contestant Brandy’s professional partner. The reality star, who remains amongst the final four pairs on the ABC hit dancing competition series, thinks she even has a chance to win the mirror ball trophy. “The show is all about taking someone who has never performed, never danced and turning them into a dancer,” she explains. “I guarantee I am the most improved. I really do work my butt off!”

I’m with Maks. It was totally uncool that she smeared his name like that before the show for something that wasn’t true and that he never said.

Erin Andrews also spoke on the elimination at Movie Line. She also remarked how a bunch of Maks fans were sending her tweets blaming her for the elimination. Huh?? Crazy…this is so out of control.

Before we descend into a real discussion about Brandy and Maks’s elimination, let’s talk about their dances. How’d you feel they did? You’ll remember they scored a perfect 30 once.
I thought they did great. As always, they were very, very solid. The paso she did, she just showed that aggression and attitude. The paso is very angry, and I thought it was perfect. I just really, really enjoyed her paso a lot. With the Argentine Tango, I actually thought they had great luck because those are Maks’s strongest dances that he choreographs. Those were my two favorite dances that I did with him. They also obviously got the encore, which was wonderful. I thought the judges did a great job scoring them. And she was really good. One thing she did great with this week was her emotions. She chilled out a bit, and she even referenced it when she was getting her scores. Now, I will tell you a little side note, my friend. Our little Movieline chat last week caused a big, big stir with Brandy’s fans. I got some not-so-nice tweets about that.

Oh, God.Oh, you have no idea! Brandy had to call off the hounds and tell everyone to just relax. It’s kind of funny, because if you watched the show last night, Mark Ballas said the same exact thing I said in that pre-produced package. You can just tell how bad she wants it. Then they showed all these shots of her closing her eyes and being really intense. I never said that as a bad thing! That’s too bad that people misinterpreted it. My whole thing is — and I’m sure I’ll get criticized again — is I wanted her to enjoy the experience for what it is. It doesn’t matter if you win the mirror ball trophy or not. It’s about having the best experience and making the most out of the journey. But oh my goodness, I didn’t know that was such a terrible thing to say. And now I’m getting blamed for her losing as well! I appreciated her performance this week. I thought she did a very good job and was really relatable to fans at home. I thought this was probably the most real we saw her throughout the entire season.

Well, people would have to be idiots to blame you for Brandy’s elimination. It’s pretty obvious that Bristol has a big voting machine behind her, Kyle’s become an underdog favorite, and that means a consistently solid competitor like Brandy is bound to fall through the cracks at the last moment.
And also, don’t blame it on me — I put my votes in! Give me a break! I saw Brandy and Maks on Good Morning America this morning and on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and they were saying, “People say ‘I don’t want that person to win,’ and then they don’t vote for the person they want to win.’” I went on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning and talked about Bristol, and they asked me, “Is there a conspiracy?” And I said, “No! She’s just getting more votes! People are flooding the phone lines to vote for her!” At this point, all the negative publicity that she’s getting — all the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, “She shouldn’t be there!”, Rick and Kurt and Brandy were robbed! — I think this has helped her. From my standpoint, I felt like after she did her first dance on Monday, she got some of the loudest applause in the ballroom. I feel like now, people just feel bad. Is it her fault that she’s gone out there and done the best she can do? No. She knows she’s not the best dancer. She said that. It’s pretty obvious. But is it her fault that people are flooding the phone lines for her? No! In the end, what is she supposed to do? “I can’t take all this negative criticism. I’m going to quit.” No! What has she done wrong? I think there are a lot of people who feel bad for her, and they think, “You know what, I’m going to vote for her.” I feel bad!

Your beloved Maks was eliminated. He has still never won the mirror ball trophy. How would you describe your feelings about what happened with him?I’m heartbroken for Maks. Despite what Brandy’s fans feel about me, I clearly thought they were going to win the whole thing. I said that the first time he had her. I even texted him that. “You’ve got it. You’re going to win.” As much as we say, “It’s a TV show!” it’s also part of his profession. You always want to be considered the best at your profession. I feel personally bad that I wasn’t able to get him the mirror ball. You feel a little regret there as well. I’m very sad for Maks. He works so hard and does nothing but try to make his stars feel so comfortable and beautiful. He makes sure they feel prepared. Many times, these pro dancers do so much more than teach you a routine. They are your friend, and really, your best friend throughout the whole thing. For me, because I didn’t know LA, Maks helped me get adjusted to a new area. He helped me with so much more than on the dance floor, and it sounds like from everything Brandy has said, like “I have a friend for life” — he was the same way with her. In that respect, you know the work he put into this season. You just love that he’s in it to win it. He has a lot of pride. I feel so bad.

Erin also discusses all the dances plus what she hopes for the upcoming dances. Will Jennifer and Derek do a dance to “(I’ve Had The)Time Of My Life”? I’m with Erin. I hope so. Be sure to read the link for more.

So, here are some things we didn’t see on the Results show reported by People.

• Mark Ballas explained the black nail polish he displayed on his fingers during Tuesday night’s show, telling PEOPLE that it wasn’t Palin who gave him the manicure, and for the finals, he is “thinking hot pink with rhinestones. I’m trying to get a nail endorsement.”

• Enrique Iglesias received one of the warmest welcomes of any of the guest performers this season. When cameras weren’t rolling and he hopped on the stage, a group of girls chanted, “Hi Enrique!” The crowd then screamed as Iglesias gave several friendly waves. But when he asked everyone to sing the lyrics to his hit single, “I Like It,” he told them their attempt “sucked,” adding, “That was bad. Let’s try again.”

• The two couples deemed safe right away during elimination – Grey and Hough along with Massey and Schwimmer – came out during commercial break to hug and kiss the two couples in jeopardy. But the couples up for elimination didn’t interact at all. Standing right next to each other and not saying a word, Chmerkovskiy looked slightly nervous, swaying back and forth with his hands in his pockets, while Palin flipped her hair and giggled.

And this will make Heidi’s day complete. lol Here is Tom on the elimination from Zap2it.

“You get down to this point, and it’s always going to be hard, but I was surprised,” Bergeron tells Zap2it. “I would have thought she was going to the finals.”

Bergeron generally knows about the eliminations beforehand — other than during the finale, when he wants to be surprised — and this was no exception. But that didn’t prepare him for how the news was received in the studio.

“I don’t think I’ve ever done this at the end of the show,” says Bergeron. “I just said ‘I need a hug.’ Everyone was just standing around. No one knew what to do.”

Contributing a bit to the awkward quotient was the judges’ offer for Brandy to return to the finals to perform her freestyle… for fun.

“That kind of landed with a thud,” says Bergeron. “I suppose it was meant with all good intention, but if I had just been stunned and found out I wasn’t going to make it to the final, the prospect of busting my butt to do a freestyle wouldn’t have much appeal. I would fully understand if they politely decline.”

Brandy didn’t comment on whether or not she was interested in returning with a freestyle, but it was clear during the broadcast that she was still digesting the news.

“I thought Brandy wanted it more than anything, quite frankly” says Bergeron, “which made it very hard.”

Here is Carrie Ann with her thoughts on the show this week too on “Lopez Tonight“.

Lastly, The Examiner is reporting that Christina Aguilera will be performing on next week’s Results Show. Christina is promoting her first major motion picture (movie) starring role in ‘Burlesque,’ opposite Cher. ‘Burlesque’ opens in theaters November 24. (Heidi Note: Another blog is saying that the four dances over two nights will be done BEFORE anyone is eliminated, unlike last season where the 3 couples danced 3 times, someone was eliminated, and then the remaining couples danced again. The dances are:the “redemption dance” and the freestyle on Monday, followed on tuesday by the couples favorite dance of the season and by an “insta-dance” Cha Cha Cha where they don’t get the music till the show starts. I’m looking for an actual source from ABC – when I find it Vogue or I will post it. The ramifications of them moving the all the dances to before anyone is eliminated is quite interesting.)

Ok, that is all for you for now. Have a great Thursday, Dancettes!!xx 😉

November 18, 2010 I Written By

Hi, I'm a news hounds from way back. Since 1999, I've worked on Madonna and Enrique Iglesias fan sites....and now PureDWTS. I have always been a big music and dancing fan, but, I'm also passionate about photography, nature, animals, and spending as much time as possible travelling and camping with my hubby and our loving and patriotic doggie, Cash. To read more on me and view my photos (including some dancers from DWTS), see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at: Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

DWTS Season 11, Week 9 – Your Favorite Costume This Week

Wouldn’t you just love to be Randall Christensen personal assistant for a day…especially right now with the last show approaching? As for this past week, he describes the design process for the semi-finals as “more intense but also more rewarding.” Here a take from Styelist on how he came up with the costumes this week.

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: The actress scored perfect 10s for her cha-cha in a sexy minidress that featured a mix of silver and gold bugle bead fringe overlaid onto a Swarovski crystal-encrusted base. Christensen’s team stripped down ostrich plumes one by one to attach some of the beads. Don’t expect a repeat — making the dress was “an absolute nightmare,” says Christensen, who was especially happy with Grey’s romantic blue waltz gown. “It was a perfect Cinderella look, dreamy and floaty on a cloud.”

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: The political daughter, known for her modest costume requests, asked to show some leg! “It was Bristol’s idea to open up the legs on both of her costumes,” says Christensen. The dark and dramatic gown she wore for her second dance to “Mary Goes to Jesus” from “The Passion of the Christ” was a “DWTS” first. “We’ve never done a hooded gown, but with the somber, haunting music, it set the tone.”

Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Christensen says her “scorcher” tango look, which featured a beaded red halter, was one of his favorites. Red fabric was added to Brandy’s side-slit skirt to make the look “pop.” “It was the epitome of sophisticated sexiness,” he says.

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: The inspiration for Massey’s crowd-pleasing tango look was a military jacket the costume designer saw on the runway and shared with the teen. “We decided it was a fun way to make him masculine and mature,” says Christensen.

Ballroom Bling: Many of the gorgeous gemstone earrings StyleList spied on the ladies were sourced from New York City-based Anne Koplik jewelers. “Last night was a testimony to their ability to bring just the right balance to each costume,” says Christensen. Typically, each contestant is given two jewelry options to coordinate with her costume.

The DWTS Hairteam posted some fun pictures of Brandy, Jennifer, and Bristol on their Facebook page Monday night with a few captions. They do such a good job on this show as well. You really have to commend them along with the make-up crew.

“Mark giving Bristol a pep talk backstage while Mary touches up her hair and Zena touches up her makeup”

“Jennifer went from a tossed curl look for her Cha Cha to this up style with the new Dancing with the stars hair pieces”

Oh, and we can’t forget this. To go along with this thread, here is fun video on the Insider’s “Top 10 Most Outragous Costumes” on DWTS. Would you agree with their assessment? lol Julianne Hough is interviewed too for this.

#1 Kate Gosselin
#2 Bristol Palin
#3 Michael Bolton
#4 Julianne Hough
#5 Marie Osmond
#6 Erin Andrews
#7 Jake Pavelka
#8 Nicole Scherzinger
#9 Toni Braxton
#10 Donny Osmond

Ok, that is it for now. So, which costumes were your favorites this week? I’ve got to give it to Bristol this week especially being I’ve been so critical of her costumes in the past so much. I thought she looked beautiful, haunting, and mid-evil like. I love her in black. I loved the feathers in Jennifer’s Cha Cha Cha costume as well and the way they danced with her. Brandy looked so beautiful too in her lace stockings for her and Mak’s Tango. Perfect.

I Written By

Hi, I'm a news hounds from way back. Since 1999, I've worked on Madonna and Enrique Iglesias fan sites....and now PureDWTS. I have always been a big music and dancing fan, but, I'm also passionate about photography, nature, animals, and spending as much time as possible travelling and camping with my hubby and our loving and patriotic doggie, Cash. To read more on me and view my photos (including some dancers from DWTS), see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at: Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.