DWTS Season 11, Week 9 – Your Favorite Costume This Week

Wouldn’t you just love to be Randall Christensen personal assistant for a day…especially right now with the last show approaching? As for this past week, he describes the design process for the semi-finals as “more intense but also more rewarding.” Here a take from Styelist on how he came up with the costumes this week.

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: The actress scored perfect 10s for her cha-cha in a sexy minidress that featured a mix of silver and gold bugle bead fringe overlaid onto a Swarovski crystal-encrusted base. Christensen’s team stripped down ostrich plumes one by one to attach some of the beads. Don’t expect a repeat — making the dress was “an absolute nightmare,” says Christensen, who was especially happy with Grey’s romantic blue waltz gown. “It was a perfect Cinderella look, dreamy and floaty on a cloud.”

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: The political daughter, known for her modest costume requests, asked to show some leg! “It was Bristol’s idea to open up the legs on both of her costumes,” says Christensen. The dark and dramatic gown she wore for her second dance to “Mary Goes to Jesus” from “The Passion of the Christ” was a “DWTS” first. “We’ve never done a hooded gown, but with the somber, haunting music, it set the tone.”

Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Christensen says her “scorcher” tango look, which featured a beaded red halter, was one of his favorites. Red fabric was added to Brandy’s side-slit skirt to make the look “pop.” “It was the epitome of sophisticated sexiness,” he says.

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: The inspiration for Massey’s crowd-pleasing tango look was a military jacket the costume designer saw on the runway and shared with the teen. “We decided it was a fun way to make him masculine and mature,” says Christensen.

Ballroom Bling: Many of the gorgeous gemstone earrings StyleList spied on the ladies were sourced from New York City-based Anne Koplik jewelers. “Last night was a testimony to their ability to bring just the right balance to each costume,” says Christensen. Typically, each contestant is given two jewelry options to coordinate with her costume.

The DWTS Hairteam posted some fun pictures of Brandy, Jennifer, and Bristol on their Facebook page Monday night with a few captions. They do such a good job on this show as well. You really have to commend them along with the make-up crew.

“Mark giving Bristol a pep talk backstage while Mary touches up her hair and Zena touches up her makeup”

“Jennifer went from a tossed curl look for her Cha Cha to this up style with the new Dancing with the stars hair pieces”

Oh, and we can’t forget this. To go along with this thread, here is fun video on the Insider’s “Top 10 Most Outragous Costumes” on DWTS. Would you agree with their assessment? lol Julianne Hough is interviewed too for this.

#1 Kate Gosselin
#2 Bristol Palin
#3 Michael Bolton
#4 Julianne Hough
#5 Marie Osmond
#6 Erin Andrews
#7 Jake Pavelka
#8 Nicole Scherzinger
#9 Toni Braxton
#10 Donny Osmond

Ok, that is it for now. So, which costumes were your favorites this week? I’ve got to give it to Bristol this week especially being I’ve been so critical of her costumes in the past so much. I thought she looked beautiful, haunting, and mid-evil like. I love her in black. I loved the feathers in Jennifer’s Cha Cha Cha costume as well and the way they danced with her. Brandy looked so beautiful too in her lace stockings for her and Mak’s Tango. Perfect.