DWTS11, The Finale – Who’s Dancing What…And When?

Since Heidi is tied up creating as many email accounts as she can to vote tonight, and I owe her one for covering the rankings in my absence this week, I will be covering what everyone will be dancing 🙂

I’ll try to keep this brief, since a) I’m busy at work, and b) I feel like commenting once again on how “crazy” this season has been is just beating a dead horse at this point, quite frankly.  I also haven’t received definitive confirmation on some of these dances, so bear with me as I guestimate. And as always, if the contestants tweet that they’re going first, second, third, etc. we will do our best to update the post. So here we go!

Jennifer & Derek

Monday: “Redemption” paso doble & freestyle to a song from Dirty Dancing – most likely “Do You Love Me”

Tuesday: Argentine tango?, instant choreography cha-cha

The redemption paso doble is no big surprise for me – it was their lowest-scoring dance of the season, and the only one I think they really fouled up on.  Will be interesting to see them do another paso, since paso choreography really seems to be Derek’s strong suit.  No idea what they’ve got in store for their freestyle – Heidi, has Derek tweeted anything interesting? Or is he being his usual tight-lipped self? 😛 Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be great, despite Jen not being able to do any lifts.  I’m guessing that they will probably pick their Argentine tango as their “favorite” dance, since it’s probably their strongest dance technically and I have a feeling they will probably pull out a perfect score with it this time around.  I’m sure the instant choreo cha-cha won’t be any big deal for them – Jen’s got 2 strong cha-chas under her belt already, so this should be a walk in the park for them. (Heidi’s Note: The ONLY thing Derek has said via Twitter is that he loves the Black Eyed Peas version of “Time of My Life” – and that it’s so “relevant”. From Derek, that could be a huge clue…or he could just be being Derek. You never know. 🙂 That would certainly be one way to throw a bone to Dirty Dancing AND still do something completely different.)

Kyle & Lacey

Monday: “Redemption” foxtrot & freestyle

Tuesday: Cha-cha/jive/???, instant choreography cha-cha

Glad to see these two will be revamping that tacky Charlie’s Angels foxtrot they did – while it wasn’t necessarily bad, it wasn’t really foxtrot, per se. Again, no idea what these two are up to for their freestyle – it will undoubtedly be extremely high-energy, and according to Lacey, will be “like nothing you’ve ever seen before”.  If anyone else has seen any revealing tweets about it, let us know.  Again, total guess here with the favorite dance – I’m leaning towards either their cha-cha or jive, since they were both strong, high-energy dances with good scores that really play off of Kyle’s charisma.  And again with these two, I don’t see them struggling with the instant cha-cha – Kyle’s  got enough stage presence to power through just about anything!

Bristol & Mark

Monday: “Redemption” jive & freestyle to a song from Chicago – most likely “Cell Block Tango”

Tuesday: Tango/quickstep/paso doble/???, instant choreography cha-cha

Ok, I’m actually a little pumped to see these two redeem themselves after the dreaded ape suit jive…although I’m not sure that Bristol will have the endurance to pound out both the jive and a high-energy freestyle tonight.  She did seem to run out of steam fairly early in their first jive (then again, maybe it was heat exhaustion from the ape suit…hehe).  As for their freestyle, the only thing I’ve heard (and this is probably 5th/6th-hand info that I heard on Twitter) is that someone allegedly spotted these two trying to find a copy of Chicago on DVD last week, which is leading everyone to believe they’re going for a Chicago-themed freestyle.  Not sure this is the best idea, since that movie has already been done, but at this point I figure that she may as well have fun, with all the crap that’s going on around her.  Total speculation once more on the favorite dance – I would go with the tango if I were them, since it’s likely the dance that will get them the best score, but they also seemed pretty fond of their quickstep & paso doble.  I think Bristol may be the only one that really struggles with the instant choreo – Mark seemed to have to power her through every step of the instant samba, and he’s probably going to have to do it again this time, lest she forget her choreography (again). (Heidi Note: Mark also walked into the rehearsal studio with a bowler hat on the other night – another nod to Chicago?)

Overall, I think it will be a pretty good show both nights, but the setup seems to favor those who actually dance well – meaning that, barring the judges being all sunshine & rainbows & throwing out every paddle lower than 9, Jennifer & Kyle will likely get a decent points spread over Bristol, assuming she doesn’t miraculously start dancing fabulously (highly doubt it).  But even if they do get a decent spread…that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels and assume justice will prevail, people.  VOTE. Never before on DWTS do we here at Pure DWTS think it’s been so important. Make those email accounts so you can vote, vote, vote online; get your text and phone votes in early in the broadcast to avoid the dreaded phone overload errors after the show.  Spread the word.  Dooooo it.

Update, 3:51 PM EST: Due to our resident insider, Buttercup, that has yet to lead us astray (and some logical thinking), I generally feel confident in reporting that Jen & Derek’s freestyle will be a song from Dirty Dancing and Bristol & Mark’s freestyle will be a song from Chicago. Take it with a grain of salt if you wish – but I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t feel pretty confident in it 😉