DWTS Season 11, Week 10 – Media After Tuesday’s Final Show

Hey Guys!! Just because Season 10 has ended, don’t think for a second this site has closed down. We will try and fulfill your dancing needs all winter and ours too. Besides rumors will start surfacing soon. In fact, I think Heidi has one rumor she’s been keeping wrapped tight waiting for just the perfect moment to disclose it. Plus, you never know what’s in store for gossip, news, “Who wore it better posts”, and more. So, stick around if you know what’s good. 😉 With that said, here’s some fun media to share after our winning couple was crowned lastnight.

Derek and Jennifer being interviewed by The Insider;

A great wrap of of the night with ABC. Note what Bristol said on her “middle finger”.;

Kyle and Lacey being interviewed by Access Hollywood.

ET covering the night backstage;

Bristol talking some more on her “middle finger” with Access Hollywood (this makes me furious, not cool in my opinion). She says she’s had a lot of “offers” too. Hmmm….

Access Hollywood interviewing Jennifer and Derek after being crowned;

And here are our three finalists on Good Morning America today dancing and more. This is fun!;

Good Morning America also showed Maks and Robin Roberts finally doing their Cha Cha Cha together in honor of her 50th birthday. This makes me want to see more of her. Wouldn’t it be cool if she became a future contestant on the show? “Venturing out of your comfort zone” is good. 😀 ;

Lastly, here is our winning couple on the Jimmy Kimmel show lastnight;

Ok, more later All!! Wow, what a night and one of the best finales ever (imo)!! Vin you put it so well;

Last night’s finale was sick!!!