Season 12 Casting Rumor – Colleen Zenk Another DWTS Contender?

Colleen Zenk of “As The World Turns” could be another Season 12 contender being asked to do the show. Read this take from We Love Soaps. It’s all over her Twitter account as well.

In a recent interview with Colleen Zenk, the acclaimed actress from AS THE WORLD TURNS recalled her time on the beloved and much missed soap, as well as her aspirations to continue entertaining, singing, and dancing on stage. Thanks to Zenk’s passionate fanbase, that day may be coming sooner than later. As of today, the gorgeous talent announced that her agents have been contacted by ABC’S DANCING WITH THE STARS to possibly appear as a contestant during the upcoming Season Twelve.

Which Pro can you see partnered with her if this happens? I see a Jonathan or Derek possibility.

If you’d like to see her dance, you can go to the Official “Dancing With The Stars” in their “Cast Season 12” Section to mention her and other Celebrities you’d like to see dance on the show >>>>>HERE!!!