DWTS Season 12 – “Put ME on the Show” & Possible Contenders

Like Heidi, I’ve been running into some celebrities and people out there dying to be on DWTS next season. Here is one I really had to scratch my head on. I had no idea who “Ijustine” was until I was over at The ABC Dancing With The Stars “Pick the Cast” link with her and/or her fans flooding the link with their votes. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a You Tube sensation currently. Guess who she wants as a partner if this video is of any hint? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Black Label Society’s and Ozzy Osbourne’s former front man, Zakk Wilde, has posted he wants to be on DWTS next season on his My Space page. He’s also getting a lot of votes from his fan base currently.

Vote for Zakk to be on the next Dancing With The Stars! And yes we are serious! http://abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/cast-season12

Last week, I ran onto this scary possibilty. lol In this video Joan Rivers mentions how she’d do the show if asked.

TWNpNews is reporting former WWE diva Maria Kanellis has asked her fans to vote for her to be on the show. Here she is in case you’ve never seen her before.

And then there is Tom Bergeron’s dream contestant. In case you missed it, last week, he tweeted Julie Benz that he wanted her on the show. Here’s the transcript of their brief exchange:

Bergeron: Post-vacation, I’d love 2 see you pulling double duty. No Ordinary Family & DWTS. U should be able 2 do a REALLY fast quickstep!
Benz: I would love to!!!!!
Bergeron: Good to know! It has synergy written all over it. And spray tan. And teeny little costumes!
Benz: some do it for the dance… I would do it for the spray tan and teeny sparkle costumes!!!

Here is a take from Zap2it on this strong possibility which I agree with.

Whether or not Bergeron has any pull regarding casting choices, this sounds like an interesting proposal and certainly a smart one should ABC and the DWTS producers go for it.

Currently in its freshman season, No Ordinary Family has been having difficulty in the ratings during the last few weeks, despite its continually improving creative stride. What better way to pull in more viewers than to have one of your stars compete in one of the highest rated shows on your network?

As for what DWTS would get out of it, they’d have the opportunity to bring some class back to their ballroom by adding to their cast a current, relevant celebrity who has actually earned the “star” label, rather than continuing to turn their dance floor into the reality TV equivalent of a 10-car pileup by trolling the tabloids for pseudo-celebs without any star-quality whatsoever.

If Bergeron can pull some weight to make this happen, you can bet I’ll be back amongst the throng of those frantically phoning in their votes on Tuesday nights.

Ok, so what do you think of these possibilities for DWTS Season 12? I think I like the Julie Benz idea the most and she would make the perfect partner for Derek, Tony, or Maks I think.