DWTS Season 12 – Lorenzo Lamas On Dancing With The Stars Shortlist (VIDEO)

I’ll let the video from Rumorfix do the talkin’! 🙂

The father of six tells RumorFix he’s close to landing a spot on Dancing with the Stars. “I’m on a short list over there, but I haven’t signed any papers whatsoever. I really would love to do the show, but it’s really up to the audience out there,” Lamas revealed.

The Leave it to Lamas reality star tells RumorFix he’s hoping his fans will head over to the “DWTS” website to help get him cast. “If I get enough votes then they can’t argue with that.”

If Lamas makes the cut, he’s already decided who he wants to square off against. “Sugar Ray Leonard. He’s a friend of mine; I’d love to see him do that show. [The Dukes of Hazzard’s] John Schneider too.”

We’re not sure either of those guys will be busting a move on the show’s 12th season, but one name being floated is Todd Palin. Asked about rumors he might have to compete against Sarah Palin’s hubby, Lamas laughed.” Well, it worked for Bristol, why not Todd? I don’t know. The show needs to find some controversy to keep the viewership up and I get that.”

And to you ABC executives out there, just in case you didn’t hear him the first time, Lamas says, “I would just love to be on the show, if it should work out!”

I’m unable to embed the link, but here is another video of Lorenzo and Donna D’Errico campaigning to do the show at TMZ. Go >>>> HERE!!!!

Interesting. Very very interesting! I’m going to ABC.com right now and VOTE some more. 😉