DWTS – Rumors, Rumors, And Even More Rumors! Or Is It Official – Yeah Right!

Well, I have to laugh. I just ran onto this new article at The Telewatcher who claim they know some of the dance contestants for Season 12. I did a quick search for anything “official” for where they might be getting this news and there’s nothing out there…..nada…..not even a hint at some of the big names that are listed. “TOO” BIG if you ask me for this to sound realistic?? But, hey.

Courtney Cox, the actress will be dancing for our eyes this year, everyone loves Friends!

Elle Macpherson is best known as a super model to most of us, but is actually also an actress and buiseness woman.

Tina Fey, an actress from hit comedy 30 Rock will be dancing this year.

Cheryl Cole is a singer from the UK, and also judges the X Factor in England, a show which Simon Cowell has just set up in America.

Vince Vaughn is a great actor that most of us should know!

Rob Lowe is an american actor who’s been in things such as ‘Waynes World’ and ‘The Outsiders’, and actually look’s a bit like Zac Efron!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Associated Content recycled what the Telewatcher wrote with an exception they are adding even more to the list. See below.

…Cher’s name has been mentioned, also. The hype is not in yet as to who the others may be definitely. Other suggestions have been Alec Baldwin, Al Yankovich, Cynthia Ann Nixon, and even Dr. Phil. It is hard to believe that Cher would consider doing the show, with all of her other accomplishments such as her choreographed numbers for her shows.

Wait! They forgot Madonna and Brad Pitt. 😯 I’m sorry, but, I can’t see Cher doing the show either not that I wouldn’t love that possibility.

Heidi: I told Vogue that if she was going to post this she had to mock. She did a great job, I’m thinking. 🙂 Let’s be real here – does anyone believe that ANYONE on this list other than Cheryl Cole is even remotely likely to be on Season 12?? Of course, if it turns out to be true we will look like idiots – but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. 🙂 Now, Al?? That has some potential.

What about the possibilty of political guru, AL SHARPTON? Thanks to Pure DWTS reader Maddy for this heads up from the New York Post.

GOOD dancer Al Sharpton, so publicity shy, might forsake even another story about him to be on “Dancing With the Stars” . . .

Ewww, not sure on Al. I have a feeling I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry watching him if this were true? lol

Ok, so my head is spinning. 😉 xxx