Pure DWTS – Derek Hough Speaks Out On New Movie Role & DWTS Season 13

I will let these excerpts from People do the talkin’!!

“I’m taking season 12 off,” three-time champ Derek Hough tells PEOPLE. The Dancing pro, 25, will be busy playing the lead role in the upcoming dance movie Cobu 3D, which is slated to film in New York and Toronto this spring.

Hough will play a New Orleans street dancer who moves to New York and falls for an Asian drummer (played by Korean pop recording star BoA). The Romeo and Juliet-style love story (their dance groups are rivals) will be accented by “some incredible dance numbers,” says Hough. “People will see a much edgier side of me and these other styles of dance I’m capable of doing.”

Hough has already started training for the film by working out in the gym and brushing up on his tap dancing skills. He says he’s put on “about 10 lbs. of muscle” for the film, “which is a lot for me.”

A “more edgier” and “musclier” Derek? Sounds good to me. šŸ˜€

And Dancing fans can expect Hough to come back to the ballroom better than ever for season 13.

“I will be making it back to Dancing with the Stars in the fall. I’m just taking a little break and taking this chance to grow and expand a little bit as an artist,” Hough says. “It’s like I told one of the producers on the show ā€“ I’ll come back with a whole new set of skills.”

That is such a relief to know he will be back for Season 13 and with a ‘whole new set of skills’. I love how Derek is never afraid to learn more.

For all things Derek even more in depth and this new movie project, be sure to check Pure Derek Hough daily. To pacify us a little for now until this project is released and to see who Derek is working with, here is BoA dancing….

Heidi’s Note: For anyone interested, Cobu is a NYC dance troupe who does a fusion of Taiko Drumming and Funk Tap Dance