DWTS Season 12 Cast Rumors/Speculation – Lee Meriwether To Do DWTS?

Ok, so this is a long shot. But, it’s been noted by several of the Pure DWTS writing team that Lee Meriwether has recently added some people to her twitter account that has a connection with “Dancing With The Stars” including some fans to the show and ourselves. Now maybe this is nothing and Lee is just trying to garnish some publicity for her role in “Women of Spoon River“. Then again, we know the former Miss America, actress, and Broadway star would very much like to do the show and was rumored to be a contestant last year. From 10Xdur, here’s a quote from Lee last April.

Now at the age of 74, this femme fatale wants to claw her way onto the cast of Dancing with the Stars. Unlike some of the other older contestants like Buzz Aldrin and Cloris Leachman, Lee might possibly have a chance of winning.

“As a performer, I think I can dance,” she told us. “I know better in my heart that it will take a lot of work, but I think I can sell it. As a performer you pretend to be a dancer, and I know I can be a dancer.”

“I love the show. I watch it. I tape it. I watch the dances over and over and over again,” she went on to say. “I just love the show.”

Edit to add a tweet from this last November:

Again, this is a long shot. But, everything sure seems coincidental, doesn’t it? If this turns out to be true, who do you see Lee dancing with? I would say Corky but then that would be too much of a repeat for what we saw last year with him and Florence. Maybe Louis? Or maybe Tony who she might have seen and talked with at the Miss America show last month? Whatever the case, Lee wears fancy dress gowns well, doesn’t she? 😉

Heidi’s Note: Lee’s been wanting to be on the show for a while and we’ve written about her before. 🙂