DWTS Season 12 Cast Rumors – Time To Address The Brett Favre DWTS Rumors (Daughter Tweets “No”)

At the beginning of this week, we were hit with an article from Popeater with Kurt Warner’s desire for Brett Favre to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Since that time, other news sources have picked it up and the rumors have grown like a wildfire. Will Brett Favre dance on the show or not remains to be seen. But, the quote below (in bold text) from Popeater had me thinking this is not going to happen from the beginning of the week onward and why I dismissed even reporting it.

Kurt has made his thoughts on Brett known before, and recently told The New York Times that although he’s a “surefire Hall of Famer” and one of the game’s greatest, “I do think some of the things that happened off the field has to hurt his legacy to some degree. I do think people look at him differently now — at least in the short term — than they did five years ago.”

Maybe Brett should follow Kurt’s advice and dance those cell phone images right out of our minds. That’s if ABC would ever invite him, a prospect that my source says is unlikely.

“No way would ‘Dancing’ want any part of Brett,” a show insider tells me. “They love having colorful people in the cast but you have to remember this is a family show and not the right fit for someone who has been accused of e-mailing private photos of himself to young ladies.”

Not only that, USA Today is reporting that he won’t be dancing on the show. His daughter just posted this tweet this morning.

Brittany Favre, the daughter of longtime NFL QB Brett Favre, moved to stop speculation that he father might be joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars on Friday.

“No to DWTS rumors,” Brittany Favre said on Twitter a day after speculation ran wild that the 41-year-old QB might be the next NFL player to join the show.


I would say this is a “NO” go? Keep in mind though that an ABC news affiliate has reported Favre is on a “DWTS Shortlist”.

Heidi’s Comment: I think this entire thing comes from the mouth of Kurt Warner. And ABC is regurgitating crap they heard, which is regurgitated crap they heard, which is regurgitated crap they heard and so on. See it every day on twitter – the wishful thinking of one person turns into fact by the great game of “telephone”. I could be wrong. 🙂