DWTS – Two Of The Girls Who Might Have Taken Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Eye In The Ukraine Bachelor (PHOTOS)

Special thanks to Twitter friend @BotanicaLily (be sure to follow her as she is a fun girl and a cool DWTS fan!), we’ve got pictures of two girlfriend contestants for Maks on The Ukraine Bachelor. Since there are some language barriors, it’s hard to make out who these girls are exactly. But, BotanicalLilly thinks the first girl below was an earlier contestant around for a few weeks. The second girl (named “Hope”) might be a finalist and/or atleast made it to “hometown”.

Beautiful, aren’t they? No wonder why Maks had so much fun doing this show.

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Again, we’d like to thank @BotanicalLily for sending us these pics. She has just made my morning! lol 😉