DWTS Season 12 – Meet The New DWTS Cast (Videos, Interviews, etc)

Are things getting exciting yet? πŸ™‚ In case you missed the LIVE broadcast during The Bachelor lastnight, here’s a video with Tom and Brooke announcing all the new celebrity cast as well as a small interview afterwards.

ETOnline also interviewed the new crew. LOL to Wendy Williams over her excitement of the wardrobe and costume department. She’s going to be so funny.

Be sure to check out the DWTS Official site, they have new profiles and pictures of all the celebrities!! They’ve done their homework. The person I was most curious about was Mike Catherwood since he’s virtually an unknown except for in the Los Angeles area on radio. But, he recently filled in for Regis Philbin on “Live”. Read a take below from Zap2it. Picture of him at the link as well. Is he cute or what? πŸ˜€

“I feel like there’s a better chance of my name coming up as a possible lunch date with Kelly Ripa than a fill-in for Regis,” he says, brushing off the notion that he’s a candidate.

“It’s a pretty cool gig,” he says. “It couldn’t hurt my cred being on the biggest ABC show out there, so let’s just throw that in the mix. Let’s get something started.”

Consider it started.

With that out of the way, we were mostly curious how his inclusion on the show came to be. “I originally didn’t want to do it,” he says. “It sounds super corny, but I didn’t want to make my life a series of running away from things that scared me. I want to take this tidal wave of intimidation and go after it, so at least I can have the gratification of knowing that I did that.”

Admittedly “not a graceful dude,” Mike is more apprehensive about his reception than his actual performance. “Being judged,” he says is what he’s most nervous about. “And not just necessarily by Carrie Ann and the crew… the viewers. Anyone here who says they’re OK with that is lying. It’s tough to put yourself out there to be criticized, but that’s the viewers job.”

Thanks to PureDWTS reader Figamentation for this video of some of the celebrities and pros arriving and leaving the DWTS afterparty last night.

Lastly, here is Good Morning America today interviewing the stars.

So, here’s to tomorrow (during Good Morning America) when we find our celebrities official partners!!