DWTS Season 12 – Kendra Wilkinson Sizes Up The Competition On Dancing With The Stars

The Daily Mail wrote a little spread on Louis and Kendra. Kendra gave us a little hint of who might be really good dancers on the show and who she feels most competitive with at this time.

‘I’m worried about the Karate Kid [Ralph Macchio], the wrestler [Chris Jericho] and the boxer [Sugar Ray Leonard], because it’s all about brainwork with dancing and they have it already,’ she told America’s Us Weekly.

‘They’ve been choreographed before and I haven’t! I’m all about freestyle and shaking my butt! That’s all I got! And I think Kirstie Alley wins the popularity vote; she has the most fans, I think.’

Hmmm….interesting how she is worried on Ralph, Chris, and Sugar Ray the most? She’s right about Kirstie I think. She has the popular vote. Kendra also talked about costuming and says she can’t be too sexy and how she will be “ABC appropriate”. Shewww. lol

While she’s working on the dance moves, she’s also thinking about the all important costumes too.

‘I can’t look too sexy,’ she says. ‘That’s the key, you know. I’m already known as the Playboy girl, so I can’t go out there and do that. I have to be ABC appropriate!’

Bring on the “dancing”! Only two more weeks to go, Guys! 😉

Picture above from the Daily Mail link. You can also see a picture of Louis and Kendra from when they first met (that she posted on her official site yesterday) >>>>> HERE.