DWTS Season 12 – Las Vegas Odds For This Week & Name Predictions

How are the Las Vegas Odds stacking up for this week? Take a look below for what SportsBoDog.com is predicting. As you can see, they’ve changed their odds a little since our post last week. But, they still have Kendra winning.

Chelsea Kane 9/2
Chris Jericho 10/1
Hines Ward 11/2
Kendra Wilkinson 3/1
Kirsti Alley 9/1
Lil’ Romeo 11/2
Mike Catherwood 14/1
Petra Nemcova 14/1
Ralph Macchio 7/2
Sugar Ray Leonard 6/1
Wendy Williams 7/1

Kerrie Hopkins of Namezook predicts who will win the show by the celebrities “names”. Surprisingly, Kerrie has been pretty accuate in the past. So much so, major TV Networks have hired her to ‘speculate on team interactions and probable outcomes’ in the past. Check out what she predicts for “Dancing With The Stars” this year. She is picking Romeo and Chelsie to win. Interesting, huh?

Based on this new cast of characters, Hopkins asserts that “Ralph Macchio will need anger management classes after dealing with his team mate Karina Smirnoff. Kirstie Alley is voted most likely to swear during rehearsal, Kendra Wilkinson is voted most likely to cry throughout rehearsal and when receiving criticism from the judges. Both Chelsea Kane and Wendy Williams are most likely to have wardrobe malfunctions and will have the quick wit to laugh their way out of the conflict. Petra Nemcova and partner Dmitry Chaplin will be so full of kindness that in between rehearsals they’ll look for lost puppies.”

To show how detailed Onomalogy is, Hopkins says every fragment of a name makes a difference; slight changes in a name signal a different outcome. “For example, the two Chelsea’s in this competition are significantly different from each other. While they both love to embellish a story and love fun, a ‘Chelsie’ is about working and obtaining money, while a ‘Chelsea’ is more concerned with being admired and appreciated.”

When asked who will win – Hopkins says, “Overall – based on their names and teammate names – Romeo and his spirited, live wire partner Chelsie Hightower will win. Romeo wants respect, recognition and will do whatever it takes to win. His partner Chelsie is capable, motivated by money and will keep him laughing as he learns his routines.”