DWTS Season 12 – Kym Johnson Says Hines Ward Is Graceful And Has a Natural Rhythm

We’ve got another pro-blogger in our midst! Kym Johnson is writing this Season for OK Magazine. Below Kym updates us on how Hines Ward is progressing in practice. She talks about his strengths and weaknesses and more. It sounds like they are having fun. Be sure to read more at the link.

This season, I’m dancing with Hines Ward (check us out at the Lakers game!). I didn’t really know how good he was! He’s incredible, I really like having an athlete for a partner. He’s an incredible athlete. He’s really intelligent, quick at picking up all the steps and choreography. Footwork is amazing, I’m sure that comes from football, he never has danced before but he gets up early for practicing, and is just perfect partner to have.

One weakness of his is that if we do the dance too many times, he starts over-analyzing things, but that’s the athlete in him. It’s great that he’s so concerned about what he’s doing. He’s very visual, and is good at correcting his mistakes. corrects mistakes.

Even though Hines is not a small guy, he’s so graceful, and a natural rhythm — and he has this amazing smile! As long as he smiles while he’s out there, he’ll be fine. He’s got the happy football player thing going on. He’s easy to teach, and he looks natural, when he’s out there he can enjoy it. Since the show starts next week, it’s a lot of practice. We have one day off a week. Five hours a day. He didn’t expect it to be so hard — he said it didn’t look as difficult from what he saw on TV! He’s already got a good grasp on faster dances like Foxtrot and the quickstep, and a natural rhythm for the jive and ChaCha.