DWTS Season 2- ABC Releases First Set of Rehearsal Teasers (Videos)

Yesterday afternoon, ABC released it’s first set of rehearsal videos. You can view them all below. If you had to choose the best dancer from this selection, who would it be? I’d say it’s going to be hard to beat Chelsea and Mark. Ralph is looking better than he did in the last video we posted too. But, they are seriously looking good in their own individual ways. This Season is going to be so good.

Ok, let’s begin….

Anna stresses to Sugar that his legs are the money makers this time, not his arms.

Chelsea can’t stop kissing Mark, wha??

Kendra giving Louis booty.

Chris says, “…and we thought Master P was bad”. Look at that smile at the end.

Wendy says her shoulders are on vacation. What is she wearing?

Is this the Karate Kid? Whoa!

We posted this yesterday, but, I wanted to be sure to include Maks and Kirstie in this first ABC round up post. Kirstie shows Maks she can dance like Lacey or Edyta. Take your pick. 😀