Dancing With The Stars 12 – Chris Jericho Says Dancing Is Such A Sensual Type Of Art

Chris Jericho has given a fun interview to TV Guide. He says he’s not offended if he’s yelled at or scolded by Cheryl Burke. He says it helps him get better and he “needs to get better quickly”. That’s not all he talks about. Here’s a take below for his thoughts on his experience with Dancing With The Stars thus far. Be sure to read the link for the full interview.

So you’re not nervous for the first week?
Jericho: Nah. But that first week is very important because … there’s no elimination, so it’s also about who’s got the best personality, who’s connecting with the fans. That’s show business — connecting with the crowd. A lot of people have no idea who Chris Jericho is. I’ve got millions of fans worldwide, but there are millions of people watching who will be like, “Who’s this wrestling guy?” And they might have a certain perception of what it is I’m going to be acting like and I’m pretty much the opposite of what they’d expect. So I think people will see that and it will be an eye-opener the first week to see “Who are these people?”

I hear you call Cheryl the Dancing Yoda.
Jericho: Yes, she’s a master in teaching! She doesn’t mess around. There’s no ego-stroking. There’s no shameless pandering, but I don’t need that. I need to know what I’m doing wrong. She’s a great coach. I love working with her. We gave ourselves a name: Team Chericho. And all of our fans are the Chericho-holics. And you’ve got to have chemistry with your partner. It’s such a sensual type of art, you have to be locked in and be vibed in with your partner.

People always say they won’t, but they usually end up doing a dance incorporating their career or best-known role, so will we see a wrestling-themed dance?
Jericho: [Laughs] I don’t think you can incorporate any wrestling moves, at least right now. If we get to the freestyle, I think there will be a bunch of cool things I can do, like lifts and stuff. … My mother passed away in 2005 and was a big dance fan. She loved Solid Gold. She was always like, “I wish I became a Solid Gold dancer.” She always respected and was proud of me, but she wasn’t a die-hard wrestling fan. So this is a tribute to her. I know this is the one thing in my career that she really would be flipping out for. She would want to see every minute. That gives me a little bit more of a drive too. I’d really like to do well for my mom.