DWTS Season 12 – Lacey Schwimmer And Mike Catherwood Get Steamy

We all keep wondering whose brilliant idea it was to allow Psycho Mike onto a national TV show, but since that was already given the green light, we started wondering about the poor girl that is going to having to tolerate Mike’s pelvic thrusts on national TV. Well, this morning, we had Lacey Schwimmer, the martyr herself, in the Kevin & Bean studio to give us the dirt on our little Twinkletoes.

Special thanks to PureDWTS reader Cindy for sending us some controversial interviews with Lacey from KROQ Radio. Warning: she gets very graphic for what’s taking place in her and Mike’s dance rehearsals. I can’t embed the two audios, so, be sure to see the link. Thanks again Cindy!

Radar Online also has a new interview up with Lacey talking on the steamy duo. I can’t embed this video either, so, be sure to see it at the link. Lacey says her and Mike cuss like sailers, she’s seen all of his body, and more (much like in the audio above). Oh boy, I’m not sure the world is ready for these two? How many more days do we have to wait until showtime again? LOL 😯 🙂