Dancing With The Stars 12 – Maksim Chmerkovskiy says, “It’s very hard to tame the Kirstie Alley in Kirstie Alley”

Maks has a new blog up on TV Guide. He’s excited on the show starting on Monday like we are. He says Kirstie has “improved by leaps and bounds”. He talks about her transformation and their first dance. More below, but, be sure to read the link in full as he talks about having a new jewelry line as well his dog Sleep. Go Maks and I can’t wait to see Kirstie!! I want a Maks bracelet too! 🙂

We have so much fun in rehearsals that sometimes it’s hard to believe we get any work done. But we do! We joke and laugh all the time, but at the same time, she’s very determined and I’m very determined, so we know how to focus and get to work. There hasn’t been any “drama.” I think she cries every night when she gets home and has to ice everything, but everyone does that! She’s embracing it so well. She wants every moment we have in the studio. She’s into everything: thinking about ideas, what songs we could dance to, costumes. I love her participation.

Our cha-cha is just going to be a straight-out cha-cha. Nothing fancy or out there. It’s very hard to tame the Kirstie Alley in Kirstie Alley, but she’s so responsible with the choreography. I had to tell her to enjoy it so she doesn’t over-think it.

I want to help Kirstie prove everything to herself and to others. I don’t think people dismiss us per se, but no one knows what to expect from her. She has a huge following and people who look up to her, but even her supporters really don’t know what to expect. That’s the fun part. No one knows yet except for production. She’s funny, but what will she dance like? She’s in a category of her own. She does not fit into any category of the previous celebrities we’ve had on. We’re going to come out and do our thing on Monday. My goal is for her to stand out in this very able cast — we have a great bunch, from young people who are going to be great, athletes and a lot of personalities. I just want Kirstie to stand out and create her own spotlight. I’m not saying she’s a dark horse because no one can predict these things. I haven’t seen one poll or predictions piece this season — not that I’m not interested, but I just haven’t. But you never know who could surprise in a good or bad way. I just know that from my past experience, it isn’t about the polls and predictions because they don’t really come true.

Also, don’t miss a fun new radio interview with Maks as well on the Billy Bush Show >>>>HERE. (I hope it works. I had trouble getting it to work.)