Pure Dancing With The Stars – Mark Ballas’ Aims And Predictions For Season 12 & More

Mark Ballas is back writing a blog for USA Today on his Dancing With The Stars adventures. He catches us up with what happened in the off season with his music. Then he explains what has happened since he found out Chelsea Kane was his partner. He also gives his thoughts on who he thinks will do well this Season (interesting that one pick was Petra and Dimitry. I’d love that to happen). More below. Be sure to read more at the link.

At the end of February, we met our partners and I was thrilled when I found I’d be partnered with Chelsea Kane. She works really hard, is full of energy, has a sense of rhythm and is absolutely lovely. Chelsea’s been so much fun to spend time with — it’s impossible to be in a bad mood around her! We get along great, although, I do annoy her by constantly sending her photos of this DJ I’ve become obsessed with, Deadmau5. He wears gigantic neon mouse heads, which I find hilarious.

When Chelsea found out I was shooting a music video for Hotwire a few weeks ago, she offered to be in it. We had a blast filming especially since Chels just goes with the flow. The video will be released in a few weeks and I’m super excited about it.

Back to dancing — I’m looking forward to wowing the judges and the fans this season with her — I think we make a great team.The Foxtrot is our first dance and we’ve been working to perfect it these past two weeks.

I haven’t spent a lot of time around the other couples yet, but as soon as the show starts, we’ll be hanging out a lot. Some of the teams that I think will do well this season are Hines and Kym (the footballers always do well), Chris and Cheryl (the only other multi-champ on the show), Romeo and Chelsie (he can move and has to avenge his father), and Petra and Dmitry (welcome back D!).

Here’s what I’m aiming for this season: having fun, entertaining everyone, and making a run at my third Mirrorball Trophy.