DWTS Season 12 – Preshow Questions And Answers With Lacey Shwimmer, Mike Catherwood, & Chris Jericho

Starpulse asked Lacey some last minute questions before show time about her partner Mike Catherwood. Here is what she said upon hearing he was her partner and more.

What was your initial reaction when you found out ‘Psycho’ Mike Catherwood was your new partner? Did you ever listen to him on the radio before?
Huge fan of the show but I never thought he had a face! I just saw him as a voice then he walked through the door and I like literally fell over: he was gorgeous and charming and sweet!

How do you begin the training process? Are there any certain exercises, routines, or teaching methods you use for a new partner? What about yourself? How do you prepare for such an action packed season?
Well, I’m TRYING to eat right but that’s not always happening. He tends to learn better if I use analogies that suite his personality….some are too vulgar to type. Haha!

Since Mike is a certified personal trainer, do you think you can use this to your advantage in the competition?
I definitely think I should show his body for a few votes!

E Online also had some questions for Mike and Chris Jericho over the weekend. Here is what they said about preparing for the show. They are funny, but taking the competition seriously! As always, be sure to read the links for more.

“I haven’t changed my underwear since the cast was announced,” Chris says. “I can vouch for that,” Mike insists immediately after. We think (and hope) they were kidding, but if not, at least we know they’re taking this competition seriously.

Just listen to what one former DWTS cast members told them…
“Stacy Keibler is a really good friend of mine, and she has kind of helped me out a little bit,” said Chris. “Basically, it’s all the same thing: That you have to be in this 100 percent, because it is the most physically and mentally demanding thing you will ever do—and so far she has been right.”

As for their first performance, the guys promise they’ve been working hard to wow the viewers come Monday. For the last two days, instead of relaxing and taking a break from dancing, Mike says they’ve been doing the same thing as always: “Rehearsing six or seven hours a day, working on all of our routines and just really polishing them, getting them as good as they can possibly be for Monday night.”

When asked who they think is their biggest competition, Mike laments that they really have no idea. “We really don’t get a chance to see anyone dance. I run into a lot of other contestants at the dance/rehearsal studio but I don’t get a chance to see them dance.”