Pure DWTS 12 – Mark Ballas: “Chelsea Didn’t Miss A Step”

Mark Ballas has a new blog up. He writes about he and Chelsea’s dance this past week. He is very pleased and excited. He also dished about the other dances he liked Monday night. Here is a take, but, be sure to read more at USA Today. Mark and Chelsea have the Jive this Monday night.

Chelsea didn’t miss a step, which was exactly what I was hoping for. I thought her personality really came through as well, and the judges rewarded us with a great score! And to be the first up only adds to the challenge. We learn the order of the lineup the day before, so we had 24 hours to get those butterflies in our stomachs under control. On the flipside, the rest of the show was a blast after we performed and scored well.

During the rehearsal weeks before the season premiere, I’m really focused on my partner and don’t see or interact with the other teams much. Some of the couples train out of town, and we’re all on different schedules. It was awesome seeing the other couples perform finally. Now that we’ve got our feet wet, I’ll be seeing the other cast members daily and can’t wait to spend time with them, and sizing up who my competition is!

It’s tough to say which couples will do well overall based on one dance. Some people excel at Latin techniques; others are great with fast choreography; some shine with slower steps. But I will say that Ralph (Macchio) and Kirstie (Alley) really nailed their dances on Monday! I also really liked Romeo (Miller) and Chelsie (Hightower)’s dance and Hines (Ward) and Kym (Johnson) look to make a strong run. Judge Len was hilarious with his comments to Hines!

Chelsea is also taking to penning at People.com. What do ballrooms and beer halls have in common? Find out below. Thanks to Fig for telling us on Chelsea’s blog.

What do ballrooms and beer halls have in common? Honestly, fun. In the two weeks I’ve spent immersed in this new dancing adventure, I have developed six pack abs, not from intensive training, but from Ballas belly laughs. Yes, I have been coupled up with the beautiful person that is Mark Ballas and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. He is an amazing mentor who has made this process the perfect mix of learning and living. Our five-hour dance rehearsals have always been offset with trips to Disneyland, pranks on the camera crew and running from security in my hot pink promo dress because I tried to spin the Price is Right wheel without permission.

However, I’m not saying this process hasn’t come with a serious set of challenges. Walking sideways with your knees bent, hips forward, chest back, shoulders down, elbows up, fingers pretty and head twisted in Linda Blair-Exorcist-like precision is uncomfortable enough as it is without the added pressure of perfect breath, since there is no such thing as a personal bubble in the ballroom. Also, as a self-proclaimed Carrie Bradshaw fan and collector of all things stiletto, I’m seriously considering boycotting heels when this is all over. I’ve always been there for them and now, when I need them the most, they aren’t supporting me.

Also, here is a fun picture Mark posted on his Facebook page of he, Chelsea, Kym, and Hines at Dmitry and Petra’s party for the cast this week.