DWTS12 – Ralph Macchio On The Power Of Live Theatre When The Crowd Is Behind You and More!

Popeater has a fun new interview up with Ralph Macchio. They get his feel on last week’s dance and Ralph takes us through the process. They also ask him on his partner Karina. He says she’s a “whip cracker” and “there’s no rest for the weary”. Read more below. Be sure to read the link as well because he talks about his “Karate Kid” days as well. Picture above from Karina’s Twitter.

I think you’re going to win it.
Listen, that’s exciting to hear. We certainly came out of the gate with a nice performance, and the crowd was, I can’t [explain] the power of live theater when you have the crowd behind you.

The audience did love you.
When we did that sort of double turn they just roared. It was like a wave, and when you catch that wave it kind of helps propel you forward. It felt great. As far as winning the competition, I can’t even…It’s such a marathon, it’s not a sprint, but it’s always nice to be able to deliver.

How’s Karina?
She’s fantastic. She’s a whip-cracker, there’s no rest for the weary. She’s pushing me, and I’m embracing being pushed for the most part. Sometimes I’m just so exhausted.

Were you worried you would vomit before your performance?
No, I didn’t. Believe me for the three weeks up to it, every day I was saying what if that happens, what if I have a breakdown, a panic attack. How do you deal? I can honestly say there wasn’t a moment when we were on stage performing that I thought, God there are 20 million-plus people watching.

You live on the East Coast, but the show is in Cali.
My parents and my wife flew out for the show. I’m solo out here in LA. I’m not going back and forth because it seems that would be a tremendous stress on top, and to tell you the truth, there’s no time, at least with the schedule Karina and I have set up.

Where are you sorest?
Now we’re working on the jive which is like zero to one thousand. It’s like instant shot out of a cannon. Karina says, “Don’t worry about your lower back, next week it’ll be your knees and ankles.” The lower back is feeling the most strain right now, the inner thighs and groin area from all those long lunges. I have long legs and long arms and also creepy hands as Bruno pointed out. We’ll fix that, I think I know what he meant.