DWTS 12 – Cheryl Burke Plans To Show Chris Jericho’s Gentleman Side Tonight

What? No bling for Chris Jericho’s costume this week? I’m sad. lol No seriously, in this case, bling probably wouldn’t work like it did last week? Here is a hint from a new TV Guide interview with Cheryl for what is coming tonight with her and Chris Jericho’s dance. Be sure to read the link for the full interview. I think what Cheryl has planned sounds perfect. What do you think?

How’s your quickstep looking?
Burke: Pretty good. We’ve gone through the whole routine. They gave us our second dance earlier this year, which is nice, and I taught him the basics. The quickstep has a lot more steps, so we have to really work hard. He needs to work on his posture. Especially when we do the quickstep and the ballroom dances, it’s going to be harder for him to stand up straight. He has such big arms and shoulders. I call him No Neck. [Laughs] Sometimes he looks he has no neck!

Have you busted out the posture bar yet?
Burke: I did. I took that out for him, but now he needs to learn how to hold his posture on his own. He needs to hold his arms without depending on that bar.

Chris is your third athlete partner in a row and fifth total.
Burke: I know! I love athletes. I was excited to get him. I think an athlete knows what it takes to make it far in the competition and to train. It’s been easy to work with them. Chris is so motivated and so dedicated to really do well. He’ll train long hours if we need to. He’ll do whatever it takes. With his sport, he’s so used to the rhinestones and wearing hardly any clothes, so whenever I put him in anything, he definitely won’t complain. He actually asked for more rhinestones on his costume last week! [Laughs] If you noticed on his jacket, there were a lot of rhinestones. He asked for more bling.

How much bling is he going to have in his quickstep costume?
Burke: Probably not a lot. I’ll have to break it to him! We’re going for more of a ’40s look. We’re going back in time and we’re going to show hopefully a different side of Chris — the gentlemanly side. He’ll be very Fred Astaire-like. I don’t think he’ll be ripping anything off unless there’s a wardrobe malfunction.

And a little fun video to go with…