Dancing With The Stars 2011 – Costume Designer Wanted To Interpret Icons Ginger Rogers, Veronica Lake, and Donna Reed

And I’d say he did just THAT! Stylist has a new article up for how Randall Christensen came up with the “retro” costuming this week. Here is take, but, be sure to read more at the link.

Kirstie Alley: Just two weeks into the competition, Christensen says he’s already altering dresses to make them smaller for the former “Fat Actress” star who has pledged to shed 40 pounds dancing. Such was the case with the sublime ballgown he designed in a peachy shade of Alley’s choosing. “Kirstie is a wonderful example of how hard work and dedication will pay off with a more sleek body,” he says. “Dancing just makes the body more toned, which forces the costumes to be taken in and in and in!”

Kendra Wilkinson: Christensen let Ginger Rogers inspire Wilkinson’s royal blue and fuchsia ballgown with elbow length hand-dyed gloves. Despite the Playmate’s fears of not seeming lady-like, “I actually think Kendra channeled some of that Old Hollywood glamor,” Christensen says. “Because of that she had a wonderful payoff this week.”

Ralph Macchio: Christensen’s team sewed more than 10,000 hematite crystals on the former “Karate Kid’s” bedazzzled jacket.

Petra Nemcova: The model, once again, played an active role in designing the red and yellow vintage-inspired dress and wide-brimmed hat that was a nod to Brinkley’s turn in ex-husband Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” music video. Nemcova ripped the dress skirt off mid-jive to reveal her model frame. “We had to have a hot and sexy skirt for the reveal and what’s hotter than a red mini-skirt with tons of beaded fringe?”

Below are some pictures of the Dancing With The Stars Hair Team getting Karina and Petra ready for Monday night.

So, if you had to pick your favorite costumes this week, which would they be? My faves were Kenda and Kym!!