Breaking News: Kirstie Alley to Leave DWTS

Update: I think most of you figured it out, but just in case. This was definitely an April Fool’s joke.

I just got word that Kirstie Alley has chosen to leave Dancing with the Stars. The details are still coming out, but word is that she can’t handle spending more time dancing with Maks because he was being too “flirtatious.” Sounds like there’s something more going on under the covers to me.

This is the first time that anyone has left DWTS and so it will be interesting to see how the producers handle her leaving. Although, they’ve always been ones who love controversy. Will they try to convince her to come back? You’d think they could just kick Maks off Dancing with the Stars instead of having Kirstie leave. Makes you wonder what really happened. Maybe the producers will have to grovel to Edyta to convince Alec back on the show as a replacement for Maks. Why would Alec flirt with Kirstie when he’s married to Edyta?

It’s really too bad that we won’t get to see Kirstie on DWTS anymore. Especially since in our latest DWTS voting she was the second highest vote getter. Kirstie’s only comment on leaving the show is, “Look who’s talking now.”

Word out of Maks’ camp is that he’s not happy with these change of events at all. He was really mad that she would make such allegations as someone flirting on a show as respected as DWTS. Makes you wonder if the girl he picks on The Bachelor Ukraine might have a role to play in this. Maks’ representative says that while he’s disappointed, he’ll ramp up work on his other TV project: Dancing with Convicts. A new reality series where Maks takes former female convicts and uses dancing to reform their life.

Ralph Macchio heard the news of Kirstie Alley’s departure and said, “That’s what I call, Sweep the Leg.”

Oh, and it’s pretty ironic that we’d hear about something like this on April 1st.